80 Topics for an Argumentative Essay in Psychology

As most students know, writing essays is an important part of the learning experience. Teachers often pile on countless essays for students to complete over the course of the semester, and it can be tricky to come up with topics to use.

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When you’re selecting an essay topic, make sure it’s something that is interesting to you. You might not always have full freedom to choose exactly what you want to write about, but you should try your best. This will make it much easier for you to write your essay.

When you’re writing your paper, make sure you take advantage of the different help available to you. Some schools offer free writing help. Your teacher might set off conferences. You can also use cheap custom essay writing services. These websites will have a professional writer create cheap essay papers for you to use as a reference as you write your own!

If you’re studying psychology, there are a few different routes you can take when it comes time to write an argumentative essay, We’ve broken these argumentative essay topics in psychology into different categories to help you out. Take a look at the following lists to get started!

Funny Argumentative Essay Topics in Psychology

  1. How to Avoid Getting Asked Out On a Date
  2. What Causes an Awkward Date? What Causes a Good One?
  3. Why People Get Annoyed With One Another After Spending Too Much Time Together
  4. How Does Google Make Us Smarter?
  5. Why Do Students Procrastinate Their Homework And Essays?
  6. How to Positively Influence Your Teachers For Better Relationships
  7. The Positive Effects of Standardized Testing And IQ Testing On the Brain
  8. How to Get Away With Telling a White Lie
  9. The Most Important Characteristics In a Relationship
  10. Is Graffiti Art? Compare the Creative Processes Of Graffiti With Other Types of Art

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics In Psychology

  1. Is Homosexuality a Psychological Condition? What Negativity Surrounds The Idea?
  2. What Are the Positive Effects That Children May Experience From Divorce? Where Can These Be Found?
  3. Is It Ethical to Give Children Cognition Enhancing Medications?
  4. How Does Corporal Punishment In Schools Influence Students Long-term?
  5. What Causes the Stigma Surrounding Mental Health?
  6. What Effect Does Sex Education Have on Young People?
  7. Is Gender Discrimination In Religion Causing Negative Effects?
  8. Why Are Certain Stereotypes Present With Certain Careers?
  9. Why Are Women Frequently a Part of Music And Song Lyrics?
  10. Should Parents Monitor And Limit What Their Children Are Doing Online?

Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics In Psychology

  1. Why Is It Easier For Children to Learn How to Play Instruments Than Adults?
  2. Why Is It Easier For Children To Learn A Second Language Than Adults?
  3. What Links Can Be Found Between Music And Psychology?
  4. What Type Of Training Should Parents Be Required To Take Before Having Children?
  5. Should Teen Marriage Be Allowed?
  6. Why There Are So Many Teen Mothers
  7. How Teenage Parents Influence Children
  8. Are All Religions Good?
  9. Why Advertising Works On The Human Brain
  10. Why Stereotypes Are Good

Easy Argumentative Essay Topics In Psychology

  1. Why Impulsive Decisions Are Seen As Being Negative
  2. How Do Certain Foods Influence Behavior?
  3. Why Laughter Is The Best Way to Become Closer to People
  4. In What Ways Should Schools Be Improved to Better Equip Students?
  5. How Does Mental Illness Influence Relationships?
  6. How Does Mental Illness Contribute to Violence In a Society?
  7. How Legitimate Is Déjà Vu?
  8. In What Ways Is Education Commercialized?
  9. What Influence Do Parents Have On a Child’s Interests?
  10. Does Going to the Grocery Store While Hungry Really Increase Spending?

Good Argumentative Essay Topics In Psychology

  1. What Can Be Done to Prevent Cyber-Bullying?
  2. Parents Should or Should Not Gender Stereotype Their Children
  3. How Is Someone In Charge Of Their Own Morals?
  4. What Are the Contributing Factors to One’s Morality?
  5. Do Politicians Take Part In Illegal Activities? Why?
  6. How Do Diverse Classrooms or Work Environments Improve Cognition?
  7. What Is the Best Environment for People to Work In for Increased Productivity?
  8. What Are the Most Common Reasons for Eating Disorders?
  9. How Can Personality Disorder Be Treated?
  10. What Effects Does Yoga Have On Someone’s Mental State?

Argumentative Essay Topics For College

  1. How Can You Tell If a Politician Is Being Honest?
  2. Gender Roles In Society And How They Affect the Brain
  3. What Personality Traits Are Employers Looking For In an Interview?
  4. What Is a Reasonable Voting Age?
  5. What Is a Reasonable Drinking Age?
  6. Should Marijuana Be Legalized? How Will This Affect Individuals?
  7. In What Ways Should The Education System Be Changed To Better Involve Students?
  8. Should Teachers Be Required to Know About a Student’s Previous Academic Performance?
  9. How Does Aging Affect One’s Brain and Behavior?
  10. What Are Some of The Implications of Religious Bias?

Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School

  1. How to Lose Your Best Friend
  2. How Does Violence In Video Games Influence People?
  3. How Does Social Media Influence Real Life Friendships?
  4. How Do Cognitive Learning Styles Affect the Ability to Learn?
  5. How Does Physical Education Influence Students?
  6. In What Ways Does Sex Education In School Contribute to Student’s Habits?
  7. What Factors Can Contribute to Student’s Test Performance?
  8. How Easily Can Kids And Teenagers Become Addicted To Video Games?
  9. Why Does The Brain React to Oxytocin The Way That It Does?
  10. How Do Different Parenting Styles Influence a Child Long-term?

Argumentative Essay Topics For High School

  1. What Do Girls Do That Guys Hate?
  2. What Do Guys Do That Girls Hate?
  3. How to Be More Popular at School
  4. Is Gender Segregation Necessary at School? What Are the Effects?
  5. Does a Low IQ Contribute to Low Academic Scores?
  6. How Seriously Do Stimulants Affect Athletes’ Performance?
  7. Would Higher Taxes On Unhealthy Foods Actually Reduce Spending?
  8. Do Students Learn Better With Electronic Devices or Textbooks?
  9. How Does One’s Attitude Influence the Way That They See the World?
  10. How Can Social Cognition Be Mastered? How Will Mastery Improve One’s Performance?

As you work through these essay topics, remember to stay focused on the behavioral side of things, including how the mind works. This will help you fulfill the psychology requirements your teacher has asked you to follow.

If you decide to get extra help, it can be very useful. Try searching for something like “do my essay for me cheap” to find essay services. Ask your teachers and classmates for advice on your essay too.

Classical Argument Topics

  1. Slot Machines in Educational Institutions: Destructors of Student’s Health
  2. Do You Agree That Paternity Leave Ruins Economics but Saves Children?
  3. Do Parents Run to Extremes When Spanking Their Children?
  4. Abortion Prevents Children from Life in the Asylum
  5. For Long Should Paternal Leaving Last?
  6. Breastfeeding in Public: Is It Moral?
  7. Marijuana Helps to Recreate and Provokes Addiction. Should It Be Legal?
  8. Prostitution Equals an Average Profession. Should It Be so?
  9. Barack Obama’s Election Killed Racism
  10. Female Politicians: Do They Have the Same Rights Like Males?

Argumentative Research Essay Topics

  1. Fast Food Leads to Obesity
  2. Commercial Risks of Free Education for Everybody
  3. Should Parents Participate in Secondary Language Choice?
  4. How to Prevent Children from Obesity?
  5. Is It Possible to Make Unpopular Sports Demanded?
  6. Extreme Sports KIll People
  7. The Danger of Alcohol Sale After Midnight
  8. Death Sentence Stops Criminal Activity
  9. Is Medical Secrecy Safe?
  10. Should People with Mental Disorders Vote?

6th-grade Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Does Everybody Need Lessons of First Aid?
  2. Is Everybody Good?
  3. High Salaries Motivate People
  4. Is Cloning Moral?
  5. Deforestation Kills
  6. Is Online Friendship Real?
  7. Can Computers Compete with Humans?
  8. What Poisons Us?
  9. Are Children Really Adult at Their Sixteen?
  10. Are Social Movements Effective?

Argumentative Essay Topics About Animals

  1. Is Animal Testing Moral?
  2. Is There Any Solution for Homeless Animals in Third-World Countries?
  3. Who Should Not Adopt a Pet?
  4. Do Animals Possess Rights?
  5. Dogs and Dolphins Are Good Friends
  6. Why Do People Worship Cats and Kill Kettle?
  7. Deer Trophies Are Legal
  8. Animals Do Not Enjoy Universal Esteem
  9. Vegetarianism Saves Animals
  10. Are Zoos Cruel to Animals?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Immigration

  1. Immigration Saves Lives
  2. Immigration Makes Humans Tolerant
  3. Should Immigrants Be Equalled to Inborn Citizens?
  4. Poverty Provokes Immigration
  5. Immigrants Often Become Slaves
  6. Effective Border Security Reduces the Number of Illegal Immigrants
  7. Refugees Are Equalled to Illegal Immigrants
  8. What Rehabilitates Immigration?
  9. Immigration Multiplies Discrimination
  10. Does the Color of Skin Define Immigrant’s Life?

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