How to Write a Classification Essay That’s Worth a High Grade

During college life, you might be asked to write a classification essay, and it might be difficult to come up with a quality paper. That is because writing this type of essay is often confusing if you have not encountered an essay like this before. To write a high-grade-worthy essay, it takes some time and preparation to understand what it is and how to go about it. Moreover, loads of students tend to approach cheap assignments writing services in the process of writing to get the job done. Thankfully, once you know, you can get into the flow of writing it with ease.

What is a Classification Essay?

A classification essay is a type of paper where things (characters, objects or ideas) are organized or sorted into categories. These things being categorized need to have shared characteristics for their respective categories to make sense. So, for example, if you are writing a classification essay on pets, you will create categories for dogs and cats, and then give examples of what goes into each category, respectively.

How to Write a Classification Essay

How to Write a Classification Essay

Now that you know what a classification essay is, let us look at the steps you would normally take to write one that will get you those high marks. After reading this section, you will discover that writing this type of essay is really not that difficult in the first place.


Before you jump into the writing process, you need to do some prewriting by first brainstorming what topic you will write about. This is necessary if your professor tells you to write a classification essay but doesn’t give you a topic. This can make many students panic, but luckily, there are many topics one can pick from to write a good classification essay.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Types of Pets
  2. Type of Computers
  3. Categories of Non-Communicable Diseases
  4. Types of Ancient Civilizations
  5. Types of Modern Art
  6. Types of Modern-Day Dance
  7. Categories of Law
  8. Categories of Information
  9. Types of Religions
  10. Positive Attitudes Towards Diversity

Research Your Topic

Picking a topic is a good start, but the next part is very important as it involves searching the web to find the information that will fill up the essay. When you have the right topic, you will surely find tons of information on the Internet that will enable you to start writing immediately. Don’t stop researching until you have a fair amount of information you can use to create supporting arguments.

Create Categories

With the needed information in hand, it is time to create categories. Don’t put them things in random categories as that may not make sense. Rather, you need to sit down and make sure each grouping is logical and systemic. For example, if you have created a category for supercomputers, it would not make sense to populate it with examples of minicomputers or mainframe computers.

Write the Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is the basis of your entire paper and should not be taken lightly, even though it is only a sentence or two. In the thesis statement, you will introduce the reader to the topic and the categories you have come up with. Here, you will tell the reader how you plan to explain the classifications. Also, you will tell the reader what they should expect as they read the paper, which is definitely something you should aim to meet or the essay will not do its job.

Write the Paper

When you reach this part of the essay, you are in the swing of things. If you need to do more research, do so before proceeding because the following sections will need to be detailed and full of supporting arguments. Basically, you will have to write the introduction, body, and conclusion. These are the main parts, and you need to plan so you know exactly what goes into each section to save yourself the headache of figuring it out as you go.

Introduction: When it comes to writing an essay, many students will tell you that getting started is perhaps one of the hardest parts of the writing process. While it is tempting to just jump right into explanations and supporting arguments, you need to set the stage for your reader by providing some background information on what your essay is all about. In the final sentence or two, make sure you include the thesis statement that was previously discussed.

Body: The body is where you flesh everything out. The number of paragraphs in the section will be equal to the number of categories you have, meaning if you have five categories, your body should also consist of five paragraphs. Start each paragraph with a sentence that identifies the category and then get into the arguments that will convince your readers that the classification is justified. Make sure each sentence that concludes the paragraph has a transitional hook that logically ties it to the next paragraph to keep everything flowing.

Conclusion: The conclusion is the final part of the paper where you try to get the reader to agree with you once and for all. Restate your thesis statement (although not word for word) and summarize your main points here. Also, keep in mind that since this is the conclusion, you must not introduce the reader to any new information – make sure you tie everything up into a neat little bow.

Proofread and Edit

Now that you have your first draft, it is time to proofread to make sure there are no grammar and spelling mistakes. If you find any, make sure you edit them right away. You might even use this time to revise certain parts of your paper to make it better as well.

Now that you know what a classification is and how to go about writing one, you can get started writing a quality paper. But if you’re still having trouble writing the one and wondering, “who can write my essay for me cheap?” you can hire a custom essay writing service. With them, you are guaranteed to get a paper that is worth a high grade.

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