The Importance of Homeland Security University Programs

Every life sphere or industry is important in its own fashion. Some act locally and others have nationwide importance. Thus, homeland security is one of the most significant areas in every country of the world. Its main aim is to protect the country and its citizens from internal and external threats at all levels. We think you realize its role in the overall organism of the country. It is one of the reasons why so many youngsters prefer homeland security as their future professions.

Regardless of the specialty, such people are proud of what they do. They protect the lives of millions of people. The United States of America is famous for taking care of its citizens and doing its best to protect them. There are many university programs that offer homeland security courses. No matter what specialty you choose, it won’t be easy to become a certified expert. Even the standard essay may become a real nightmare for a student. As a result, many of them turn for help to at least one cheap essay writing service. It is a pretty effective solution, but you should not overuse it.

If you are interested in homeland security university programs, we can help you with the choice. We have prepared a list of the top-10 options for all learners interested in this direction. Make allowances for the next universities with homeland security programs:

  • Washington State University
  • Sam Houston State University
  • American University
  • SUNY at Albany
  • Nova Southeastern University
  • Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis
  • American Public University System
  • Saint Leo University
  • Lake Superior State University
  • Citadel Military College of South Carolina

We have highlighted only 10 options for you. In case you need more variants, research the matter. You can learn about the best programs related to this topic on special informative sites.

What Are the Main Directions of the Homeland Security?

Before you agree or disagree to become a student of one of the highlighted universities, you should be armed with the right information. We want to be a bit more specific and detailed. There are various branches that are answerable for various issues related to national safety. Qualified experts help to:

  • Predict and control issues related to natural disasters – hurricanes, floods, and other threats;
  • Predict and prevent intelligence or armed attacks;
  • Minimize internal and external risks for citizens, etc.

The certified experts work at the Department of Homeland Security or shortly DHS. It was created to develop this industry, coordinate all the actions with other structures, and so on. The department commonly hires about 240,000 experts. They can belong to various sub-departments. They are divided into:

  • Government agencies, which include Transportation Security Administration, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S. Coast Guard, etc.
  • State and Local Governments include the Bureau of Public Health, Bureau of Public Safety, Hazardous Materials Division, and so on. 
  • Private Industry includes such industries as banking, logistics, ports, and manufacturing.

You can find a profession in any of these divisions. Each division is crucial, and their combination strengthens the average safety of the country.

Typical Homeland Security Careers

Another thing you should figure out before you come into a profession is career opportunities. There are various careers in this direction and each has certain peculiarities. You ought to study all the options to be sure you will be able to cope with all your responsibilities. Besides, you should pay attention to the average salaries. We have prepared a list of typical careers in the industry as well. Make allowances for the next variants of careers:

  • Emergency Management Specialist with median pay of 57,000 annually. This profession demands predicting possible disasters and defining the most effective solutions to tackle them. For example, you may need to plan evacuation routes in flood-prone areas.
  • Emergency Management Director with median pay of $80,998 annually. This career will make you responsible for catastrophes. It is necessary to develop special mitigating programs, create initiatives to prepare for such events, and define strategies that help to overcome their consequences.
  • Security/Intelligence Analyst with median pay of $92,512 annually. This position will make you gather, analyze, and interpret intelligence information. Commonly, such experts work with government agencies.
  • Disaster Recovery Coordinator with median pay of $75,245 annually. If you opt for this career path, you will deal with the administration, implementation, and development of processes that help to recover after various disasters.
  • Business Continuity Manager with median pay of $95,712 annually. This is a very interesting position. It involves all the necessary measures that must be implemented when the functions of a government agency or private entity were stopped for some reason. You will have to quickly use the required methods to resume the most vital functions.

 What Skills Must Be Developed?

Finally, your choice should also be based on certain skills. You have to develop them to become a good specialist. The most crucial skills are as follows:

  • Critical thinking. You ought to assess all the data you find to recognize potential threats.
  • Collaboration. You will deal with other people and agencies to enhance your united methods.
  • Analytical. Furthermore, you need to analyze tons of information and distinguish what facts are relevant.
  • Communication. Moreover, you must be able to come along with people to reach the goals you have.

Mind that you will have to write many essays of all types. They all have various purposes and strict demands. Be sure you have advanced learning skills and in-depth knowledge of the discipline. Of course, you can buy a cheap essay from time to time. Professional sites quickly tackle tasks that are serious challenges for most students. Nonetheless, you can use professional assistance all the time long. Develop your skills regularly.

Summing Up

As you can see, homeland security is a popular and vital industry. It is all about national safety in all possible ways. You will find a lot of perspectives and honorable positions if you become a certified expert. Select the right university program and all of your dreams will come true.

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