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Students always look for cheap essays on the Internet. Even so, they are usually surprised at how affordable our prices are. There are several factors that determine the cost for your order:

  • Academic level
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  • Number of pages
Deadline Academic level
School College University
1 month *
14 days
7 days
5 days
3 days
48 hours
24 hours
8 hours

* only for orders 30+ pages long

All prices in the table above are for one page and are in USD. However, you can select a different currency during checkout.

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  • Our main goal is to keep our prices at an affordable level so that you can buy cheap essays from us and still have an opportunity to work with experienced and well-versed writers.

    The total price for your order depends on the type of paper required, the academic level, the number of pages needed, and the urgency of the order. It is important that you state all these requirements clearly when placing the order so that we are able to complete it to meet your expectations.

    Please note that due to geographic locations and time and resources required, we do not offer services like questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, etc. However, our writers will gladly assist you in preparing for such activities in gathering data so that you are able to conduct these activities yourself.

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