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How to Write a Movie Review

  1. Leave enough time for viewing the movie and writing about it. Don't cram everything into one evening, or you will just end up exhausted and with a poorly written paper.
  2. Whether the movie is a brilliant work of art or just plain awful, you have to form an adequate opinion about it and support your opinion with evidence from the movie. People read reviews to find out if they should watch the movie, so make reading yours worth their while.
  3. Analyze the entire movie, not just its plot, but also the tone, acting, special effects, etc. All aspects of a movie are important.
  4. Give an honest opinion on whether or not you would recommend the movie to the reader. Define what kind of audience would prefer it, but try to be as objective as possible.
  5. When writing the review, first give the basic information about the movie, as well as some interesting facts about its actors and the production process.
  6. It is a good idea to watch the movie twice to make sure you don't miss any key elements.
  7. Offer your audience not just an opinion, but your criticism as well, supported by valid reasons. Rate the work of the actors and crew members.
  8. Never include spoilers. Surely, you wouldn't like to know what happed in the movie before watching it for the first time!
  9. Remember that some people are bound to disagree with your views on the movie, but as long as you have all your facts straight, don't worry too much about what they have to say, and don't alter your opinion based on other reviews. Art is a matter of preference.

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