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How long have you been considering buying a cheap book review? Quite some time? Well, that would be understandable. When you’re on a budget, you want something inexpensive. But you also need something good, or why spend the money? The thing is, you’ve already found a website that sells reviews that are affordable but still great in quality. It's!

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Tips on Writing an Article Review Paper

It might seem obvious how to write an article review, but there are always some small things that you can do to improve your writing.

  • Make sure you leave enough time for the paper, since you need to read the article a few times. First, get acquainted with the article. Second, take notes and/or highlight important ideas. Third, make sure you’ve covered all bases. If you miss something, chances are, you’ll misstate important facts from the article.
  • Remember that it’s a review, not a summary. You can give a brief summary of the article, but focus more on the positive and negative aspects of the argument used in the article. Additionally, analyze whether or not the author has adequately supported their thesis statement. It’s also good to analyze whether or not the author has addressed all questions that the topic might raise.
  • Highlight all definitions used in the article, especially those, you’ve never heard before. Make a vocabulary list of these words and make sure you understand them. This will really help you write the review, because you’ll know what you’re writing about.
  • Another thing before writing the review: remember your English lessons and how you should work with text. Ask all possible questions the article could answer. That’s it: you’re ready to write.
  • Plan your schedule ahead. It’s best to leave three days for writing the review. On the first day, read through the article, then reread it to highlight the important parts. On the second day, write the actual review. Always leave a third day for proofreading. Reread the article to have the facts fresh in your mind and edit the paper.

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