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While you are thinking about our offer of help on cheap custom dissertations, we have prepared some useful information for you about dissertation writing.

What You Don't Think about when Starting Your Dissertation

  1. Don't be modest! You have come a long way in your studies and, therefore, should be more confident in your own skills. If you don't agree with your dissertation supervisor, ask for another one. Of course, if you're just being stubborn and refusing a good piece of advice, another supervisor will not help your case. However, if you genuinely feel that your views are completely in opposition to each other, don't be afraid to ask for a change.
  2. Don't talk to your friends and family about your topic. They will ask many questions to show they care about you, but they do not care about your thesis. Unless you need those words of encouragement, talking to somebody who can't give advice on your topic will just waste your time and energy.
  3. In addition, don't discuss your topic with classmates, especially your progress on it. You may certainly feel discouraged if they have written more, but you don't know if they are telling the truth. Besides, you should write important papers at your own pace. Don't rush just to show off to others.
  4. Rest. It's important to replenish your body's energy for the brain to function normally. Otherwise, overdoing it will cause stress to your body, and you will start questioning everything you have written up to this point. That is because your brain is too tired to work on your dissertation any longer.
  5. Plan everything. Make a schedule for each day, down to when you sleep and eat. Planning from the start is key to a successful ending.
  6. Dissertation writing is a continuous process. Break it into small sections or tasks so you can dedicate a certain amount of time daily. Rushing to complete everything before the deadline is not an option here.
  7. Spend quality time on the research questions, literature review, and methodology. Those are the parts that the committee will assess more closely.

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