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Tips on Writing Excellent Term Papers

Teachers like giving out assignments, but they don't really give much advice on how to deal with the pressure of big assignments. That's what we’d like to cover in this section: some advice on improving your homework preparation.

  • It will be easier to write your paper if you choose a topic you are interested in, not just one that’s familiar. Select a narrow topic and do some pre-research to make sure you’ll have enough information for the full assignment.
  • Write down your ideas, but don't start writing the paper until you've done sufficient research. Otherwise, you’ll definitely have to rewrite major sections.
  • After doing your research, brainstorm ideas for your thesis statement. Choose the statement that seems more solid.
  • Develop an outline for your term paper. Even if you’re pressed for time, it will be easier to arrange your ideas with a plan.
  • Consider using a quote in the introductory paragraph to hook the readers' attention. It may also spur your interest in the topic, which is helpful, because your enthusiasm for the subject will rub off on your readers.
  • Remember that your body paragraphs are as important as your introduction. Make sure you use convincing arguments to prove your thesis statement. Sometimes, reading out-loud can help you refine your ideas.
  • Proofread the finished paper! Computer spell-checkers won't help you with grammar and semantics. A paper full of mistakes will look poorly written and will lower your grade.

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