50 Topics for Cause And Effect Essay Writing Assignments: The Greenhouse Effect

One popular type of assignment that students are sometimes given is cause and effect essays. In these types of essays, they explain the causes and effects of different situations and scenarios.

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If your teacher gives you the opportunity to choose your own cause and effect essay topics, a very full one is the greenhouse effect. There is a plethora of information on the greenhouse effect, which means you can take a number of different routes for your paper.

50 Cause and Effect Topics about the Greenhouse Effect

  1. Deforestation’s Contribution to the Greenhouse Effect
  2. Would the Alternatives to Deforestation Cause the Same Greenhouse Effect Problems?
  3. Are There Any Connections to Be Found Between the Cretaceous Period And Today’s Greenhouse Effect?
  4. Fossil Fuels And the Connection to the Greenhouse Effect
  5. How Could Burning Coal Lead to the Greenhouse Effect?
  6. How Does Gasoline Influence Greenhouse Gases?
  7. Does Agriculture Play a Role In the Greenhouse Effect?
  8. How Do Trapped Greenhouse Gases Affect Humans?
  9. What Role Does Radiation Play In the Greenhouse Effect?
  10. Which Gases Cause the Biggest Concern When It Comes to Global Issues?
  11. What Connections Can Be Made Between Global Warming And the Greenhouse Effect?
  12. What Possible Fixes Can Be Done to Prevent the Greenhouse Effect from Progressing?
  13. Have There Been Any Positive Results From Greenhouse Effect Studies?
  14. How Does CO2 Change the Way That the Greenhouse Effect Works?
  15. What Will Happen If the Greenhouse Effect Isn’t Reversed?
  16. Have There Been Any Major Contributions to the Greenhouse Effect Studies?
  17. Wood Burning And the Greenhouse Effect
  18. How Does Population Influence the Greenhouse Effect?
  19. Do Countries With Lower Populations Notice as Many Repercussions From the Greenhouse Effect?
  20. What Can Be Done to Reduce the Use of CFCs And How Will That Change the Path of the Greenhouse Effect?
  21. How Could the Cycle of the Earth’s Tilt Be Contributing to the Greenhouse Effect?
  22. Is Recycling Helping Or Harming the Progress of Research on the Greenhouse Effect?
  23. If the Greenhouse Effect Continues at the Same Rate, What Will It Look Like Ten or Twenty Years from Now?
  24. In What Ways Does Global Warming Influence the Greenhouse Effect and Vice Versa?
  25. What Changes In the World Have Led to the Increasing Speed of the Greenhouse Effect?
  26. What Does the Use of Everyday Products and Processes Containing Methane Mean for the Greenhouse Effect Going Forward?
  27. What Types of Contributions Can Countries and Their Leaders Make? What Would the Desired Results Be?
  28. What Can Individuals Do to Help With the Greenhouse Effect? What Will the Results of These Changes Be?
  29. How Does Pollution In Large Cities Contribute to the Overall Issue?
  30. Would Laws And Restrictions on Car Usage Make a Significant Difference?
  31. Does Global Warming Have Anything to Do with Malaria?
  32. How Have Cholera Cases Grown Since the Greenhouse Effect Was Discovered?
  33. What Are Some Alternatives to Using Coal-Powered Stations?
  34. What Role Does Water Vapor Play In the Greenhouse Effect?
  35. How Have Actual Greenhouses Shown the Results of the Greenhouse Effect Long-Term?
  36. What Would the Benefits Be of Exploring Ways to Cut Back On Carbon Dioxide In the Atmosphere?
  37. How Do Certain Generations Influence the Progress of the Greenhouse Effect?
  38. How Do Certain Political Views Influence the Way That People Take Action With the Greenhouse Effect?
  39. What Has Been Effective In Raising Awareness About the Greenhouse Effect? Where Is the Proof of the Effectiveness?
  40. Has There Been Significant Progress In Studying Carbon Dioxide And Its Contribution to the Greenhouse Effect?
  41. In What Ways Will the Rising Temperature Impact Ocean Life?
  42. In What Ways Will the Rising Temperature Harm Wildlife?
  43. At What Point Will Cold Climates Be Influenced by the Greenhouse Effect?
  44. How Has Carpooling Made an Impact on the Greenhouse Effect Issues?
  45. Do More Concerned Citizens Help With the Greenhouse Effect Prevention?
  46. What Awareness Techniques Have Been Beneficial In Slowing Down the Greenhouse Effect?
  47. What Are the Results of Groundbreaking Studies On the Greenhouse Effect?
  48. What Generally Happens When Politicians and Leaders Are Concerned With the Greenhouse Effect?
  49. What Are the Desired Results of Ongoing Research Studies?
  50. What Will Happen If the Greenhouse Effect Does Not Slow Down?

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