60 Good Research Essay Topics: Start Writing an Argumentative Essay Right Now

Sometimes in your English class, your professor will ask you to write an argumentative essay and provide a topic. Other times, you might get the assignment and not be provided with a topic. If you are in the latter scenario and do not know how to go about finding a topic, do not panic. We have gathered a list of topics that you can use to get started right away.

Research Argumentative Essay Topics

A research argumentative essay is a type of essay where you must produce logical arguments and back them up with supporting evidence. This evidence must also be backed up by high-quality sources obtained from the library or the Internet cheap essay writer. Your professor will give you this type of essay to test your ability to carry out comprehensive research on a particular topic and represent multiple viewpoints, arguing that yours is the one the reader should accept.

Now that you know what a research argumentative essay is, what topic should you use to write your essay? You are probably here because you have run out of ideas but also looking for something fresh that cannot be found anywhere on the Internet. If so, you are in luck, we have listed 60 topics that you can use in your essay right now. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it should help you get started with your writing.

  1. Is Sleeping with a Prostitute Cheating?
  2. When Is It Right to Give Someone the Death Penalty?
  3. Which Punishment is Better Between Rehabilitative Punishment and Retributive Punishment?
  4. Is Cheating a Deal Breaker in Relationships?
  5. Is The Media Sensationalizing the News These Days to Get More Viewers?
  6. Does Social Media Increase Anxiety and Other Negative Emotions?
  7. Should Employees Be Allowed to Use Social Media at Work?
  8. Is a Fetus a Human Being with Personhood?
  9. Is Playing a Video Game a Thousand Times Better Than Watching a Movie?
  10. Can Video Games Be Used as a Tool for Learning?
  11. Should Hate Speech Also Be a Part of Freedom of Speech?
  12. Should Child Pageants Be Recognized as Child Abuse?
  13. Can a Woman Enjoy a Healthy Sex Life and Have Multiple Partners Without Tarnishing Her Image?
  14. Should Sex Scenes Be Shown on Prime Time Television?
  15. Should Cartoon Characters in Kids Shows Be Allowed to Say the words “Kill” or “Die”?
  16. Do Shows Like 13 Reasons Why Encourage Suicide in Teens?
  17. Is it Time the Government Recognized Prostitution as a Legitimate Business?
  18. Should Screen Time Be Limited for Developing Children?
  19. Should the Government Ban Cigarettes and Other Tobacco-Based Products?
  20. Does a Fetus Have Human Rights Worth Protecting?
  21. Is it Right for the Government to Install Cameras in Public Places or Is It an Invasion of Privacy?
  22. Can Online Dating Be Better Than Traditional Dating?
  23. Is Love, at First Sight, a Real Thing or Is it Just a Myth?
  24. Should Consumers Purchase Products from Countries That Exploit Child Labour?
  25. In What Circumstances Should a Woman Not Be Allowed to Abort a Fetus?
  26. Are Abstinence-Only Sex Education Programs Effective Compared to Comprehensive Programs?
  27. If 16-Year-Olds in the United States Are Old Enough to Get a Licence, Aren’t They Also Old Enough to Vote?
  28. Should Employees Cover Up Their Visible Tattoos in the Workplace?
  29. Abortion: Can a Fetus Be Considered as a Parasite Inhabiting a Pregnant Woman’s Body?
  30. Has a College Degree Become A Meaningless Piece of Paper or Do People Really Need It?
  31. Should People Who Do Volunteer Work for Schools and Business Be Given More Incentives?
  32. Are Near Death Experiences Real or Are They Just Hallucinations Formed By the Dying Brain?
  33. Do We Have Free Will or Do We Live in a Deterministic Universe?
  34. Is Life Devoid of Any Meaning or Purpose Without Religion?
  35. Is the Bible a Good Source of Morality?
  36. Do People Need Religion to Behave Morally?
  37. Should the Right to Life Also Come With the Right to Death?
  38. Is College the Best Way to Make It In Life?
  39. Should Convicted Felons Serving a Jail Term Be Allowed to Vote?
  40. Should Teenagers Be Pressured Into Going to College?
  41. Can Personhood Be Applied to Corporations?
  42. Does Personhood Begin at the Moment of Conception?
  43. Should Cosmetic Surgery Be Performed on Teenagers?
  44. Should the Government Lower the Legal Drinking Age or Is It Appropriate?
  45. Is It Necessary to Carry Out Animal Testing or Are There Better Alternatives?
  46. Should Assisted Suicide Be Legalized?
  47. If God Exists, Why is There Such a Thing as Evil?
  48. Are Theists More Moral Than Atheists or Is It the Other Way Around?
  49. What Is the Right Age for Girls to Be Able to Access Birth Control Without the Consent of a Parent or Guardian?
  50. Should It Be Mandatory for Restaurants to Include Information About Calories on Their Menu?
  51. Should Using a Cellphone While Driving Be Made Illegal?
  52. Does Marijuana Provide Enough Benefits to Justify Making it Legal?
  53. Should People Be Allowed to Have Sex With Someone Else When Their Partner Refuses Sex?
  54. Should Churches be Taxed on Tithes?
  55. Should Businesses Be Allowed to Discriminate Based on Sexual Orientation?
  56. Should Life Sentences Be Extended to Juveniles?
  57. Are Gay Rights Human Rights or Are They a Privilege?
  58. Will the Banning of Controlled Substances Only Increase Their Demand?
  59. Should the United States Government Approve the Bill for Extensive Background Checks When Purchasing a Gun?
  60. Should Journalist Always Be Objective or Can They Be Biased Sometimes?

So there you have it: a list of 60 good topics you can research and base your research argumentative essay on. If after reading this list you find yourself failing to start writing or you are feeling overwhelmed by other school work, do not panic, you can still use a cheap assignment writing service. With this service, you can buy essays online for cheap. So do not hesitate to contact a custom thesis writing service whenever you need help.

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