30 Analytical Essay Topics List: Save Your Time – Get Down to Writing

During one of your college classes, your professor might tell you to read a book or watch a movie or documentary. This might sound like an easy task until the professor drops this bomb: you need to write an analytical essay based on the thing you have read or watched. All of a sudden, the reading or watching becomes something that could impact your academic career, and you find yourself struggling to come up with a topic.

If this sounds like you, you have come to the right place, so keep reading on.

Analytical Essay Topics for College

So what is an analytical essay? Even though the term might seem unfamiliar to you, you definitely know what ‘analytical’ means. In this context, it means reading, watching or looking at something, analyzing it, coming up with an argument and using supporting evidence to back up the argument. All this has to be in the form of an essay, usually, a 5-paragraph essay consisting of an introduction, a body with three paragraphs and a conclusion.

Knowing what an analytical essay is is only a part of the solution to getting to the part where you start writing the essay. There are many topics one can analyze and come up with an argument, which become the thesis statement, but many students usually draw a blank because they need to choose a specific topic.

A student might think that they want to write about marijuana, but this is such a general topic that writing an essay on just marijuana is inconceivable. You need to be more specific and pick something specific about marijuana you want to focus on, like the benefits it has when it comes to helping cancer patients or maybe talking about the myths and truths surrounding marijuana.

Whatever topic you choose, you have to make sure that it is both interesting and something you care about. Take a look at the list below of 30 analytical essay topics that will save your time, allowing you to jump straight to the writing part of your essay:

Analytical Essay Topics on Social Issues

Any problem that affects a large number of people in society can be considered a social issue.

There are a lot of social issues that are very relevant today, from drugs to sexual orientation, but here are the top five topics you can write about:

    1. Drugs and Sports: An Analysis On Why Athletes Resort to Using Performance Enhancing Drugs
    2. LGBT Parenting: Are Children of LGBT Parents Worse Off Than Children of Straight Parents
    3. What is the Impact of Single Parenting on Developing Children?
    4. Social Media Addiction: How Social Media Is Bringing a Whole New Type of Addiction for Millennials
    5. Video Games and Violence: Do Video Games Make Children More Likely to Perform Violent Acts

Analytical Essay Topics on Political Issues

If you care about political issues, it is best to ask yourself which ones you care about and write an analytical essay on that.

If you need some ideas, try basing your essay on these political issues:

    1. Is Nationalism Making the World a Safer Place or Is It Doing the Opposite?
    2. Does Majority Rules Turn the Majority Into Tyrants?
    3. Will People Ever Vote for an Openly Gay Candidate into Public Office?
    4. Why Is Nationalism Becoming Increasingly Popular?
    5. How Sustainable Development Efforts Are Affected by Population Growth

Analytical Essay Topics on People

People are intriguing, making them a perfect topic for your analytical essay. Analysing why people do certain things, in particular, can lead to great essay topics.

Here are a few of them to get you started:

    1. What Are the Reasons Why People Usually Disagree?
    2. What Makes People Fall in Love?
    3. Why Are Middle Children So Eager to Please Everyone in the Family?
    4. What Causes a Teenager to Become Rebellious and How Do You Stop It?
    5. Why Are Some People Extroverts While Others are Introverts?

Analytical Essay Topics on Health

Health is something that is a major concern for everyone. There are plenty of popular health topics that can make great analytical essays, from those that concern individuals to some that concern the entire health sector.

Here are some popular topics about health you can write about:

    1. Universal Health Coverage: An Analysis on Whether This Type of Coverage Is Efficient
    2. Should Government Control the Price Pharmaceutical Companies Charge for Their Medicine?
    3. Should Government Make Pharmaceutical Companies Reveal Their Pricing Strategies and Production Costs to the Public?
    4. Should Government Allow Americans to Buy Low-Cost Drugs If They Come From Outside of the United States?
    5. Should Children With Down’s Syndrome Be Included in Social Activities?

Analytical Essay Topics on Crime Behaviour

Crime is a complex issue, giving you a chance to write a piece that analyzes one of society’s biggest problem.

If you need topic ideas, try the ones listed below:

    1. What Are The Reasons People Adopt Criminal Behaviour?
    2. The Reason Why Gang Membership Is on the Rise
    3. What Strategies Can Be Implemented to Prevent People From Joining Gangs?
    4. Is Sending Criminals to Jail an Effective Way of Rehabilitating Them?
    5. Can Criminals Be Rehabilitated and Become Productive Members of Society?

Analytical Essay Topics on School

We cannot give you a list of topics for an analytical essay without outlining some that concern education.

If you care about education, here are some topics that would make a great analytical essay:

  1. How Should Your Child Deal With School Bullies?
  2. What Strategies Can Be Implemented to Improve the Standards of Education in the United States?
  3. Should Colleges in the United States Be Free?
  4. What Are the Pros and Cons of Teaching Comprehensive Sex Education to High School Kids?
  5. How Does Getting a Higher Education Affect the Standard of Living?

As you can see, based on the 30 essay topics listed above, you can write an analytical essay on a great many things. If you find yourself having trouble getting started even after picking a topic, you can hire a cheap custom writing service with cheap paper writers to write your analytical essay. These thesis writing services will provide you with a professionally-written paper that will surely get you high marks. In addition to the cheap assignments writing options, you can also have your work edited, proofread, and scanned for plagiarized content.

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