120 Argumentative Persuasive Essay Topics for Any Student in Need

Have you been told to write a persuasive essay? Even though there are literally hundreds of things one can talk about, it is easy to draw a blank. Good news is that all hope is not lost. You can order cheap essay online to use it as a writing pattern or check out our topics. We have 120 topics that you can use to write your persuasive essay.

15 Good Persuasive Essay Topics

    1. Should Students and Teachers Be Friends on Facebook?
    2. Is the First Impression of a Person Always the Right Impression?
    3. Should You Earn Respect From People or Should You Demand It?
    4. Does Every Business Need to Have a Blog In Order to Stand Out?
    5. Can Men and Women Be Just Friends or Is There Always Something More Between Them?
    6. Should Young People Always Respect Older People?
    7. Why the Friendzone is Escapable
    8. Parents Should Not Spy on Their Children on Social Media
    9. Is Sex Important to Keeping a Marriage Healthy?
    10. Should Partners Break Up if There is No Intimacy In the Relationship?
    11. Are Energy Drinks Giving Us Energy or Are They Just Making Us More Tired?
    12. Are Millenials Suffering From Anxiety Due to Social Media Addiction?
    13. Was it All Fun and Games When People Bullied Millie Bobby Brown on Twitter?
    14. Are Video Games Destroying the Minds of Children?
    15. Do Actors Give Up the Right to Privacy Once They Become Famous?

15 Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

    1. Listening to Instrumental Music is Better for Studying
    2. Is There Such a Thing as a Smart College Athlete?
    3. Does Feminist Have a Legitimate Cause or Do They Just Hate Men?
    4. Are Credit Cards Just Sending People Further Into Debts?
    5. Does Smoking Marijuana Cause Any Harm?
    6. Should Everyone Smoke Marijuana At least Once in Their Lives?
    7. Should People Take Back Their Exes After They Cheat?
    8. Is Today’s Television Too Sexualized for Young Minds
    9. Is Cheating a Sign That The Love is Gone?
    10. Should Old Building and Monuments Be Torn Down and Replaced With Modern Structures?
    11. Should All Television Channels Be Censored?
    12. Can Men Wear Makeup?
    13. Is It a Man’s Duty to Provide for the Family?
    14. Should a Woman Always Take Her Husband’s Last Name After Marriage?
    15. Do Stubborn People Make the Worst Partners?

15 College Persuasive Essay Topics

    1. Should You Use a Cheap Assignment Writing Service?
    2. Is Getting Your Essay Written by a Custom Writing Service Ethical?
    3. Should College Students Take Smart Drugs to Keep Up With Their Studies?
    4. Are College Degrees Becoming Worthless Pieces of Paper?
    5. Is a Master’s Degree Necessary If You Want to Move Up a Salary Grade?
    6. Can College Students Date Professors?
    7. Is it Better to Live On Campus or Off Campus?
    8. Should Colleges Become Tuition Free for All Students?
    9. Is College More Difficult Than High School?
    10. Should Attending Lectures Be Mandatory?
    11. Are Writing Assignments Necessary for College Students?
    12. Do Colleges Need to Create More Scholarships for Minority Students?
    13. Should You Take a Year Off Before Going to College?
    14. Should Every Student Go for a Semester Abroad?
    15. Should Colleges Introduce a Bachelor’s Degree in Anime?

15 Persuasive Essay Topics for High School

    1. Should Cellphones Be Banned in High School?
    2. Should Parents Let Their Children Stay Out on a School Night?
    3. Can Girls Wear Mini Skirts to School?
    4. Should Parents Get Their High School Children Cars or Should They Use the School Bus?
    5. Do Students Need Healthy Food Options for Their Lunch?
    6. Should Every Student Go To a High School Party at Least Once?
    7. Should Student Athletes Be Kicked Off Sports Teams for Having Bad Grades?
    8. Is Peer Pressure Necessary for Students to Become Better Individuals?
    9. Should Learning a Foreign Language Be a Must for High School Students?
    10. Should Relationships in High School Be Banned?
    11. Can Girls and Boys Play on the Same Sports Team?
    12. Are Extracurricular Activities Important for High School Students?
    13. Should High School Students Start Wearing Uniforms?
    14. Should Every High School Kid Do Community Service?
    15. Is High School the Best Time of Our Lives?

15 Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School

    1. Is Homework Necessary for Middle School Kids?
    2. Should Middle School Kids Be Taught About the Birds and the Bees?
    3. Do Kids Always Have to Wear Seat Belts on the Bus?
    4. Is Packed Lunch a Better Option for Middle School Kids?
    5. Should Every Kid in Middle School Take Part in Sports?
    6. Is Gym Class Necessary?
    7. Should Kids Be Given Less or More Homework?
    8. Should Kids Be Given Homework at All?
    9. Should Middle School Kids Report Bullying to Their Teachers?
    10. Is Detention Necessary for Middle School Kids?
    11. Should Kids Be Encouraged to Do More Drama?
    12. Should Middles Schools Start Selling Fast Food?
    13. Can Kids Be Left Alone at Home When They Reach Middle School?
    14. Is a Bedtime Appropriate for Middle School Kids?
    15. Should School Breaks Be Longer?

15 Persuasive Essay Topics for Kids

    1. Is it Better to Homeschool Your Kids?
    2. Should Your Kids Be Allowed to Play in the Dirt?
    3. Should Kids Always Go to Bed Early?
    4. Girls and Boys Should Be in Separate Classes
    5. Should Kids Have a Pet?
    6. Should Bullies Be Expelled to Deter this Behaviour and Protect Other Children?
    7. Can Kids Be Allowed to Bring Pets to School?
    8. Are Dogs Better Pets for Kids Than Cats?
    9. Should Schools Days Be Shortened for Elementary School Kids?
    10. Kids Should Not Keep Long Hair at School
    11. Should Elementary School Kids Learn Using Computer Games?
    12. Should You Feed Your Kids Fast Food?
    13. Should Your Kids Do Chores at Home?
    14. Should Your Kids Get an Allowance?
    15. Kids Should Be Rewarded for Getting High Grades

15 Funny Persuasive Essay Topics

    1. Can Indians Make the Best Movie Villains?
    2. Are Dogs and Cats Sworn Mortal Enemies?
    3. Should Parents Have the Sex Talk With Their Children While They Are Young?
    4. Is Kanye West Crying for Attention With All the Negative Press?
    5. Should People Who Over-Rely on Wikipedia Be Given Diplomas?
    6. Should Beyoncé Be Singing About Single Ladies When She is Happily Married?
    7. Is Fighting a War to Bring Peace an Oxymoron?
    8. Was the British Cult Classic Mind Your Language a Racist TV Show All Along?
    9. Do All Girls Consider Diamonds to Be Their Best Friend?
    10. Is Political Correctness Making Us Become Soft?
    11. Can You Pray Away the Gay?
    12. Will Accepting Gay Culture Lead to More People Becoming Gay?
    13. Should Bisexuals Be Allowed to Marry Both Men and Woman at the Same Time?
    14. Is the Stomach the Way to a Man’s Heart?
    15. Is Chocolate the Best Food for Girls on Their Period?

15 Easy Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Should Companies Celebrate The Birthdays of Their Employees?
  2. Can Women Really Do Everything a Man Can Do?
  3. Should Supermarkets Stop Using Plastic Bags?
  4. Is Avatar: The Last Airbender The Greatest Kids Show of Our Generation?
  5. Should Kids Be Punished for Drawing on Walls
  6. Are People Who Take Online Exams More Likely to Cheat?
  7. Is Our Generation Becoming Too Dependent on the Internet?
  8. Should Social Media Be Banned in Workplaces?
  9. Ice Cream vs Yogurt: What Tastes Better?
  10. Are Advancements in Technology Turning Us Into Lazy People?
  11. Should We Trust Commercials or Are We Just Being Sold Dreams?
  12. Can You Really Change Someone or Should You Accept Them for Who They Are?
  13. DC vs Marvel? Which One is Better?
  14. Did Zack Snyder Ruin the DC Extended Universe?
  15. Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

Now that you have a list of topics for your persuasive essay, you can get straight to writing. If you are having trouble getting started, you can use the services of a thesis writing service and buy cheap essays from them.

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