40 Topics for Exploratory Essay in Philosophy

Philosophy is one content area that leaves plenty of space for exploration. There is much to be discovered, which gives you a plethora of information to dig into.


Sometimes, teachers will assign exploratory essays. When you have an exploratory essay to write about philosophy, you might be slightly intimidated. As mentioned before, there are many different ways that you can explore philosophy. There is no right or wrong answer, which means that you have some decisions to make.

You can use a variety of unique resources to explore these topics in even more detail. This will give you an even greater understanding of the philosophical concepts and what they mean.

Here are a few tips for finding a great topic:

  1. Make sure it has an arguable question.
  2. Make sure it is interesting to you and your audience.
  3. Make sure it has a few different opinions and views.
  4. Make sure it’s relevant to your audience or to current issues.

Ideas of Exploratory Essay Topics

  1. Is Acting Morally Needed In Order to Achieve Happiness?
  2. Is Knowledge a Result of Learning or Experience?
  3. Is There Something More Than Free Will, Such as Spiritual Power? Do People Simply Do What They Want To?
  4. Is Life Hard?
  5. Do Genetics Contribute to One’s Behavior?
  6. Is Truth Relative? Does It Change From Situation to Situation?
  7. What Is One’s True Purpose for Living?
  8. What Is the Purpose of Death?
  9. Is Love a Positive Word?
  10. Could There Ever Be a Perfect World?
  11. Do Philosophy And Religion Conflict With One Another? Are They Exclusive?
  12. Could We Live Without Laws and Regulations In the World?
  13. Do People Suffer by Choice?
  14. Could There Ever Be Peace In Society?
  15. What Is The Purpose Behind Good And Evil?
  16. What Does Sexual Desire Tell Us about Humans and Their Behavior?
  17. Do You Have to Be Responsible In Order to Acquire Wealth?
  18. Does Happiness Come From Helping Others?
  19. Do We All Have the Same Ideas of Wrong and Right?
  20. How Dependent Are Ethics on Religion Currently?
  21. Is the Simplest Explanation the Best One?
  22. Should People Be Euthanized If They Are Irresponsible and Not Providing for Their Well-being?
  23. Should The Church of Scientology Be Considered Crime? Think about Sadism
  24. Is Morality Subjective or Objective?
  25. Does Social Media Influence Our Morals?
  26. Do Video Games Influence Our Moral?
  27. Does Boredom Lead to Trouble?
  28. Could You Justify Murder? Is It Ever Right?
  29. What Is the Purpose of Consciousness?
  30. Is It Possible to Increase Your IQ?
  31. Can Beauty Truly Be Found Within?
  32. Can One Rewire Their Mind to Promote More Positive Thinking?
  33. Will Today’s Leaders Influence the Youth Positively or Negatively?
  34. Is the United States Meritocratic?
  35. What Tendency Does Humanity Follow?
  36. Is Torture Justifiable?
  37. Are Parents Morally Responsible for How Their Children Behave?
  38. Does the Supernatural Exist?
  39. Are Humans Evil? Were They Born That Way?
  40. Should Someone Have the Right to Die by Suicide?

After reading through exploratory essay topics, you’re ready to get on your way! Make sure that you ask your teacher for help if you need it. Don’t forget to use your school’s writing services too!

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