30 Topics for Descriptive Essay College Assignments

Here is the scenario: your professor has asked you to write a descriptive essay about a person, place, object or memory for your class assignment, but you have drawn a blank and don’t know what to write about. What do you do? Well, first of all, panicking will not help the situation, but looking at our list of topics for descriptive essay topics for college assignments will.

Picking one of the topics on our list will get you writing immediately without sitting down and racking your brain, trying to figure out a good topic to write about in order to get high marks.

Good Descriptive Essay Topics for College Essay Assignments

Before we get to the part about writing a descriptive essay, let us talk about what it is. A descriptive essay is an essay where you have to describe a person, place, object, memory or something else in a vivid detail and flowery language. Your goal is to make the reader have the same experience you have with the thing or person being described. This means you have to write in a way the gauges the reader’s five senses, meaning you must show the reader, not simply tell them.

The good thing about descriptive essays is that they give you plenty of room to be creative. You do not have to do a lot of research because the content will just flow on the page as you draw from your own experience about what or who you are describing. So if you think writing a descriptive essay is a hard thing, guess again (it is not). For a good idea on how to write a descriptive, you can hire a cheap custom writing service that does paper writing cheap to see how it is done once you have selected a topic.

Now that we have an idea of what a descriptive essay is, let us get to the topics. We have listed 30 of them and grouped them by people, place, memory, and objects. Just pick one and get to writing.

8 Topics About People for Your Descriptive Essay

From the time you were young to the point of reaching college, there are bound to be people that have left an impression on you, inspiring you to be the person you have become. It could be a friend, family member, classmate, teacher, author or even actor. All these people can make a subject for a descriptive essay (you can even talk about yourself).

Here are eight essay topics about people for you to get started with the writing process:

  1. My Mum: My Best Friend
  2. My First Love: More Than Just Romantic Feelings
  3. My Best Friend in the World: She is Crazy, Fun and Stupid
  4. The One Person I Can’t Live Without On This Planet: A Story About My Dad
  5. This Person Changed My Life Forever Without Even Knowing It
  6. My Older Brother, My Protector
  7. My Dog Makes Me the Happiest Person in the World
  8. The Things I Admire About My English Professor

8 Topics About Places for Your Descriptive Essay

When describing a place to your readers, you have everything that will make the reader feel as though they were actually there with you in the flesh. This goes beyond just describing what the scenery is like. This means describing all the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings. You should also describe to the reader why the place holds special significance to you.

Here are eight topics about places that you can write about:

  1. My Favourite Place on the Planet
  2. My Awesome Summer Vacation in Bali
  3. My Backyard: Why I Love It So Much
  4. The Best Cruise I Have Ever Been On
  5. My Bathroom is Surprisingly the Most Relaxing Place I have Ever Been
  6. The Wonders I Discovered While Hiking in the Overland Track in Tasmania, Australia
  7. The Most Breathtaking Sight I Have Ever Seen
  8. The Time I Went to the Best Bar In My Town

7 Topics About Memories for Your Descriptive Essay

Everyone has fond memories that can make a great descriptive essay. These memories can be about Christmas, birthdays, holidays, graduations, and any other memory that will never be forgotten.

We are sure you have lots of memories to recall, but here are some ideas on what you can recall from memory:

  1. My Favourite Fairytale from Childhood
  2. The First Time I Ever Got on an Airplane
  3. The First and Last Time I Ever Went Camping
  4. The One Time I Was Popular in High School for a Week
  5. The Day My Girlfriend Who Can’t Keep a Secret Threw Me a Surprise Party
  6. The Day I Got Drunk for the First Time
  7. The One Event From My Past I Would Like to Forget

7 Topics About Objects for Your Descriptive Essay

If you have an object in your life that means a lot to you or has had an impact on your life in a positive way, you can also write a descriptive essay on that. It could be anything, from a chair, dress, comb or even a shoe. Just be sure to give the reader enough background information about it so they understand its significance.

Here are seven topics that you can choose from:

  1. The First Time I Ever Used the Internet
  2. The Greatest Book I Ever Read
  3. The Beauty of the Setting Stun: Why I Love Looking at It
  4. My Favourite Video Game: The Countless Hours I Spent Playing It
  5. The House I Have Always Imagined Myself Living In
  6. My First Car: The Best Thing I have Ever Owned
  7. The Most Beautiful Dress In My Closet

Now that you have your list of objects, we hope you enjoy writing your essay. But do not forget that if you are struggling with writing your essay due to being overwhelmed or failing to even get started, you can get assistance from a cheap assignment writing service. Do your research, find the best thesis writing service, give them one of the 30 essay topics from our list and they will provide you with a professionally written essay. Or, if you’re done with the writing process, you can use cheap coursework writing service to have your work edited.

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