20+ IB Biology Extended Essay Topics: PYP, MYP and DP

While you’re studying IB biology, new assignments will come up. Some of these will include essays, which might be challenging to start with. There are plenty of resources for you to use. One of the biggest assignments you will have is an extended essay. It involves much independent research and can be tiring. It’s important to begin planning early!

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For starters, you should use essay topic lists to come up with ideas. This list includes biology essay topics, which will guide you in the right direction. You can also find cheap essay service options by looking for cheap essay help online.

Now, you will use these resources for help and not to complete all of your work for you. It’s essential that you understand how biology—or any other school subject—works. There are ways to make your studies easier on you though!

For now, let’s focus on some of the IB biology essay topics you can use. These topics are separated into lists to help you choose a focus area, such as PYP, MYP, or DP. Note that they are sorted into their proper sections. You could possibly move them between different study areas, but modifications will need to be made!

PYP (Primary Years Program)

  1. The Links Between Birds And Dinosaurs (Or Any Other Two Animal Species)
  2. The Uniqueness of Fungi and How They Develop in Nature
  3. The Evolution of Human Genetics Within a Family or Classroom Group
  4. The Preservation of Biodiversity In a Given Area
  5. The Influence of Eating Breakfast Before a Performance Assessment
  6. The Influence of Alternative Beverages on Plant Growth and Survival
  7. The Long-term Effects That Bad Habits May Have On Human Health

MYP (Middle Years Program)

  1. The Influence of Genetics on One’s Life Span
  2. The Role of Hormones In the Human Body
  3. The Role of Microbiota and Microbes In the Human Body
  4. The Effects of Abortion on Pregnancy and Fertility
  5. The Steps In Membrane Transportation and Its Importance
  6. The Differences Between Hydrophilic and Hydrophilic Substances and Real-life Application
  7. The Evolution of Disease and Disease Prevention Over the Past Decade

DP (Diploma Programme)

  1. The Importance of Vaccinations and the Flaws In the Debate
  2. The Causes of Defects In DNA And What to Do about Them
  3. The Importance of Stem Cells and How They Can Be Used to Cure Certain Diseases
  4. The Key Features and Functions of Cell Structures, Including Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes
  5. The Microbes Found on Everyday Objects and How to Eliminate Them Effectively
  6. The Structure of Hair and Potential Healing Components
  7. The Power of Antibiotics and the Potential Resistance in Culture E Coli

You might find it useful to blend some of these essay topic ideas together to come up with your own. In addition to using these essay topics, consider searching for an essay writing service. To find these services, you can simply search for “do my essay cheap”. It’s critical that you only use these essays as examples to help you with your paper. They can be useful in creating the correct structure.

When you are selecting a topic for your essay, consider choosing one that is important to you. This will make the entire process less painful and more enjoyable for you! Plus, this will make your research much more meaningful.

Remember to use the mentors and teachers available to you. They can have expertise in certain areas as well. Explore the resources in your community, such as labs, zoos, conservatories, hospitals, and more. Approach online cheap writing services for assistance as well. They can all offer valuable information if you get in touch with the right individuals.

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