30 Literature Argumentative Essay Topics: Fairy Tales with Hidden Overtones

As you work through your American literature courses, you will be asked to write essays. Some of these essays will have specific requirements for you to follow. Others will be more flexible and give you an opportunity to create your own topic.

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A common writing assignment is hidden meanings in fairy tales. This means that you will have to dig deeper to discover what else was implied aside from the clear meaning. This might seem challenging, but it’s a great exercise and allows students to be creative.

In order to begin an essay, you need to have an idea or a topic. One way to come up with these ideas is to look at lists of American literature essay topics. This list specifically focuses on American literature topics that include fairy tales and their hidden overtones.

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Writing essays about double meanings and hidden tones can mean that your essay might be somewhat argumentative. It simply depends on the stance you take and how you write the information. Because of this, the topics listed below can be used argumentatively.
American Literature Essay Topics to Get Started

  1. The Wizard Of Oz And Our Own “Homes”
  2. The Wizard Of Oz And Compassion, Courage, And Wisdom In Life
  3. The Inner Fears In The Wizard Of Oz, Including The Flying Monkeys And The Wicked Witch
  4. Connections Between Modern Relationships And The Princess And The Frog King
  5. Cinderella’s Personal Growth
  6. The Importance Of Inner Beauty In Cinderella
  7. The Spiritual Interference In Cinderella
  8. The Inner Fears In Hansel And Gretel, Including The Dark Forest
  9. The Puss In Boots Ethics And Lying
  10. The Communist Connections With The Sleeping Beauty
  11. The Sexual Symbolism Found In The Sleeping Beauty
  12. Dream States In The Sleeping Beauty
  13. Maleficent’s Betrayal And The Lasting Outcome
  14. The Sexual Symbolism Found In The Little Red Riding Hood
  15. The Queen’s Harsh Reality Check In Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs
  16. Inner Selves Found In Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs
  17. Symbolism Behind The Seven Dwarfs In Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs
  18. Feminism And Self-sacrifice In Beauty And The Beast
  19. Religious Meanings Behind Aladdin And His Spirituality
  20. Enlightenment Discovered From Aladdin’s Journey
  21. Aladdin’s Connection To The Conscious Mind
  22. What Truly Inspired Some Of These Fairytales?
  23. Do Current Fairytales Have More Or Less Hidden Meanings? Why?
  24. How Are Arguments And Conflicts Displayed In Fairytales?
  25. How Do Different Translations Or Editions Portray Different Overtones? Do Language Or Modernization Influence These?
  26. How Accurate Are The Customs And Beliefs That Are Portrayed In Fairy Tales? Some Of Them Are Modeled After Different Countries Or Time Periods. Are These Undertones?
  27. Do Current Events And Politics Contribute To The Double Meanings Found In Fairy Tales?
  28. Can Similar Undertones Be Found In Mythology? What Comparisons Can Be Made Here?
  29. What Psychological Ideas Can Be Noticed In Fairytales?
  30. What Are Some Of The Examples Of Symbolism That Are Often Found In Fairytales?

These are just a few of the countless meanings that you can find in fairytales. There are more that you might be able to come up with on your own. With good research and analysis, you can discover these overtones. These won’t be what you think they are. Fairytales have a lot of hidden meanings. They aren’t all about princesses and talking animals. Try your best to dive into them!

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