How to Write a Good Summary: 6 Tips That Will Lead You to Success

How to Write a Summary

All students know that any college academic assignment consists of three major parts, which are the introduction, main body, and conclusion. In the meanwhile, it’s sometimes required to compose the summary. Notwithstanding, you should not mess up it with a conclusion of a paper, as many students do. This is a separate piece of writing, which is also an essay.

Commonly, professors assign a summary of a book, article, separate chapter of some literature piece, movie, and something of the kind. It is quite similar to most essay types and is quite scientific. Any essay writing service composes this sort of assignments too, which means you can order cheap assignment to use it as a pattern. Therefore, you should take this assignment seriously.

We have generated for you six (6) helpful guidelines, which will help to successfully fulfill this task. These are:

  1. Read the literature piece. Read your literature piece attentively to understand it.
  2. Make notes. Put down all the points you consider important to use them in your writing.
  3. Evaluate possible options. Reconsider the notes you’ve taken and select the most effective ideas, which will make your research perfect.
  4. Write down the most significant points. After you decide which information to leave, write it in your paper.
  5. Make a draft. Don’t hurry. You will definitely make some mistakes. Begin with a draft.
  6. Revise and submit. After you check and correct your draft, write the final version and submit it.

Be attentive with every tip out of this list and you’ll succeed.

What Does Summarize Mean?

It’s needed to clarify what does summarize mean. When you are given this assignment, you should read and analyze a certain piece or full story. Afterward, you should write about the information you’ve understood and express your thoughts. You may agree or disagree with the author, argue his/her methods, or it’ll be needed to mention which techniques were used and which effect they had.

How Long Is a Summary?

Many students ask how long this piece of writing is. There is no certain answer to this question. It may be pretty short, as well as long. The best recommendation is to make it as long as you feel it should be. Stop when you understand that you have finished and properly explained your main concepts. Consequently, the word count is different for different cases. It’s likewise dependable on your plan, found materials, etc.

How to Write a Summary of a Book

In most cases, students should compose a summary of a book. You don’t have to worry about this task. It is quite similar to any standard research paper. It has the same outline, which is:

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Main plot
  • Conclusion
  • References

As you can see, the template doesn’t differ from other papers and contains all the basic points. Start with the implementation of the source’s information. Mention the author and the title of the article. Your readers should know what piece you summarize.

Your introduction consists of a single paragraph. Give a brief review of your research, tell why you have chosen it and what is its main purpose. Provide this information in your thesis, which is one last sentence of your intro.

The next step is the main plot. Develop your thesis. Present your research in chronological order. Make smooth transitions to every next point and never go astray your main question. Use an appropriate language, which suits the content of the analyzed piece. Of course, you should likewise provide your own thoughts concerning this research. It’s not a simple report of somebody’s work. Finish your summary with an interpretation of the results you’ve received.

How to Write a Summary Essay Properly?

Another common question of many students concerns the way a good summary assignment is expected to be written. Our response is very simple. This case is similar to a book summarization. Follow the typical outline and complete all stages in turn. Mind that you should follow a certain writing format. Commonly, it’ll be either MLA or APA. Learn the slightest details to compose a perfect assignment. Use a special format generator to settle the things properly.

Begin with some interesting details to grab readers’ attention. For example, implement an anecdote or comparison. Then introduce a thesis. Support your main claim in the body paragraphs. Use good examples, which fully reflect your main purpose. Then summarize your summary in a conclusion. Make it short and logical. Mention your thesis again, explain your objective and its value.

How to Do a Summary Properly?

There are a few more recommendations that will help you to succeed. After you complete the draft, undertake certain steps.

  • Read and skim the text. It is understood that you should read the text. Afterward, skim it. This is an effective technique. Just pass through the text and try to catch the most important parts. Consider your subheadings, the relevance of the language, etc.
  • Put down the main ideas. After you skim the paper, note some new concepts that may appear and work with them. Highlight all weak and strong parts. It’s quite possible that you can use other techniques or words to support your thesis and sub-questions.
  • Ask the others to read your work. Oftentimes, we omit some mistakes. Therefore, it would be reasonable to ask other people to read your project. They may show some grammar or spelling mistakes. Try to use the help of people who are good at reading and writing. A knowledgeable and experienced person may give you a decent piece of advice on how to improve your paper.
  • Revise and correct. Finally, reread your paper once again. Remove inappropriate content, eliminate repetition, fix grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. After you complete all these necessities, you may freely submit your project.

Now you may start off. Remember the initial 6 tips and craft a draft. Don’t try to write everything in one set. Use other tips we have given in this guide and you will sufficiently increase your chances to succeed. A summary essay doesn’t strongly differ from other papers. Follow all the instructions, thoroughly fulfill every stage of your outline and you will receive the highest grades.

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