Argumentative Essay Outline Format: Learn in Practice


Argumentative Essay Outline FormatEvery academic assignment should be written in accordance with a certain plan. It is important because it sufficiently saves time and shows what to undertake next. You will not be confused if your plan is really good. An argumentative essay is no exception and you’d better create an appropriate outline.

There is nothing extraordinary about this piece of writing. It contains the same parts as any other essay. We will discuss them later. Firstly, we would like to pay your attention to the definition of this paper. If you want to craft an effective outline, you ought to know what you are dealing with. This particular assignment requires the use of strong and convincing arguments, which support your viewpoint and refute the concepts of the opposite thoughts and concepts.

If you want to create an appropriate template for your argumentative paper, undertake the following steps:

  • Choose a topic. Look for good argumentative essay topics to disclose an interesting issue. Your topic is supposed to be relevant and helpful to your audience. It should solve a certain problem.
  • Research the main question. After you select your topic, brainstorm it. Note all the possible ideas associated with it. You should clearly realize what you are to cover.
  • Evaluate informative sources. Find information, which can sustain your claims and deny your opponents’ viewpoint.
  • Choose your strategy. Decide the way you will write the assignment. A classical structure will be given later.
  • Make an outline. After you deal out all the preliminary steps, create your plan.

Argumentative Essay Format

An argumentative essay is similar to most essays. It has the basic sections and this scheme is the same for any middle school, college, or university. However, it’s needed to implement a visual sample. Here is a common outline. Shall we check it?

  1. Introduction.
        • The hook.
        • Background.
        • Thesis statement.
  2. Main body.
    Reason I

    • Sub-question.
    • Explanations.

    Reason II

    • Sub-question.
    • Explanations.

    Reason III

    • Sub-question.
    • Explanations.
  3. Conclusion.

As you can see, this structure is typical and well known to junior students or seniors. We’ll review it in greater details.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay Outline

Now we will show how to compose this assignment. For example, you should cover the issue of abortion. Some people are against it. Support this idea. Your introduction should contain a hook. Thus, you may write “Everybody has the right to live, get through a joyful childhood, period of puberty, and become completely adult. However, some people were never born because their lives were taken in the womb.”

After that, you should continue with the background information. In this case, gather statistics from all around the globe or in a concrete country and tell how many abortions are made annually. Then, implement your thesis. Tell that it’s a serious crime against nature to kill unborn children. “The birth is the natural process of every living creature and its abortion is the greatest crime!”

The next phase is the plot of your research. It should argue the importance of your project. Explain why this issue is relevant today. Tell who cares about it, what should be done and how society ought to react to such a crime. Mind that you are supposed to write in accordance with your plan.

The main body contains three paragraphs and implements three sub-questions, which are directly related to the main question. Consider your main claim and state the evidence. In our situation, your first sub-question is “Why is the issue of abortion so important”.

The second argument is to state your own attitude toward this problem. “I am fully against abortion because we do not give a chance to new possible members of our society.”

The third sub-claim should focus on the problem of morality and ways to prevent such awful deeds. You may write something like this “Every country on our planet should obligatorily introduce a strict law, which punishes both a mother who decided to make abortion and a doctor who agreed to commit this horrible crime. The measure of penalty should be as strict as possible.” Apply to the best moral qualities of your readers to make them feel the same as you do.

The last paragraph of your research is known as the conclusion. Restate the main claim, tell about its importance, why people should give heed to it, and give your own point of view. Your conclusion should be written in dependence on the evidence and results you have received.

Your final paragraph may be like this “I believe that in time, the nations of our planet will fully solve this issue and will implement appropriate law. People should take care of this issue and use preventive measures if they don’t want or are not ready to raise children. Otherwise, they should carry the full responsibility and never kill the unborn. Even the animal world isn’t as cruel as ours.”

Try to compose similar papers and you will be able to pass this essential test successfully.

Gun Control Argumentative Essay Outline

We should also pay your attention to other very popular topics. Note the possible themes to cover and generate more ideas to disclose really meaningful topics. Make allowances for the following suggestions:

  • Gun control.
  • Religion in our life.
  • The usefulness and harm from technology.
  • Violence inside the family.
  • Educational issues.
  • The quality of medical support, etc.

All these topics are relevant at any time. Cover any. Don’t forget to learn all requirements to your paper, especially writing style. In most cases, students are assigned to write in accordance with the 8th MLA and/or APA citation edition. Submit in PDF format.

We would like to provide another outline related to the popular and important theme of gun use. This will be a short sample of how to put the things together. The title is called “It’s time to ban guns forever!”

  1. Introduction.
    • The hook. “Our life is full of great dangers. One of such is the issue of gun use. It should be solved immediately.”
    • Background information. “475 people died from being shot during the year 2015. 64 shootings took place at schools. This is a terrible statistics. In most cases, the murders are committed by people who aren’t supposed to have any relation to guns. They are common citizens who decided to buy a gun for self-protection but they don’t seem to use it properly.”
    • Thesis statement. “Guns should be banned to common citizens and allowed only for the police and army because the number of murders will only increase.”
  2. Main body.
    • Claim 1-3. Introduce 3 different claims related to your thesis to develop your idea.
    • Evidence to the claims 1-3. Use convincing examples to support each claim.
  3. Conclusion. Summarize and explain the results of your research. Everything depends on the data you’ve used and what it meant.

Use this template and adapt it to your own topics. It will help to shape the working process and accelerate it even when you feel stuck thinking, “I need someone to write my essay cheap because I can’t!”. You should always have a smart plan. In such way, you will avoid lots of hidden obstacles and save heaps of time.

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