25+ Essay Topics About Music: The Making of a Today’s Culture

When you’re working on an essay, getting started can be the hardest part. You might not know what you want your essay to be about. Maybe, you want to create a more interesting and exciting paper.

Music essay topics

One way to reach a good starting point is to look at essay topic ideas. We’ve gathered 25+ essay topics about music and how they relate to today’s culture. Feel free to use one of our ideas, combine a few or come up with your own!

Music Essay Topics

  1. How Has Music Influenced Cultural Events Around the World?
  2. How Has Music Been Used As Propaganda in Recent Political Races?
  3. What Is the Difference Between High Culture and Low Culture in Current Music?
  4. What Impact Does Modern Music Have on Society? Will This Change Over the Next Decade?
  5. How Has the Production of Music Advanced in Recent History?
  6. How Is Modern Music Connected to Music in Other Time Periods, Such As Baroque? What Correlations Can You Find? What Has Changed?
  7. What Connections Can Be Made Between Different Music Genres?
  8. What Connections Can Be Made Between Popular Music and Contemporary Culture?
  9. How Does Music in Other Countries Connect to Your Own?
  10. How Has Music Evolved in Other Countries?
  11. What Cultural Situations Have Played the Key Role in Music Production?
  12. What Connections Can Be Made Between Social Class And Music Genre?
  13. What Influence Does Music Have on Society?
  14. What Comparisons Can Be Made Between Music and Other Types of Media?
  15. In What Ways Are Poetry And Music Alike? In What Ways Are They Different?
  16. Does Poetry Have the Same Influence On Culture That Music Does?
  17. What Conclusions Can Be Made Based on Where Musical Instruments Originated?
  18. Does Classical Music Still Play an Important Role in Music Production Today?
  19. What Are Some of The Key Processes Used In Music Production Today?
  20. What Components Are Essential for Skilled Musicians to Produce Popular Music?
  21. What Cultural Characteristics Are Frequently Noticed In Modern Music?
  22. How Important Is Music Theory In Music Production Today?
  23. Does The Ability to Read Music Lead to Success? Could The Beatles Read Music?
  24. Why Do Some Musical Artists Have Someone Else Write Their Music for Them?
  25. What Effects Does Music Have on the Brain?
  26. How Does Creating Music Influence the Way That People Think?
  27. What Difficulties Have Arisen In Music Production Due to Advancements?
  28. Will the Culture Found In Music Stay Intact or Fade Away Over the Years? What Were the Trends Recently?
  29. What Role Do Women Have In Music Production? Is There a Wage Gap?
  30. What Difficulties Do Minority Groups Face When It Comes to Music Production? What Difficulties Are Present In The Music Industry In General for Minority Groups?

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