20 Good Expository Essay Topics: Top Issues Discussed This Summer

One type of an essay is an expository essay. These essays focus on coming up with an idea, researching it, and coming up with an argument. You can write an expository essay on nearly any topic or in any subject area. This means that it’s fairly easy to come up with expository essay topics.

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It’s important to write relevant essays of all types. Your work should connect to what is going on in the world or what is important to you. One way to do this is by focusing on current issues in the world.

Depending on the stance that you choose to take, these topics can work for nearly any content area. What’s important is that you have plenty of information to back up any claims that you may make.

Though there is some factual information about each of these topics, you will need to form your own opinion and write about. If you are uncomfortable with your teacher reading about a specific topic, you will have to work on something else. Your teacher might allow you to choose a less controversial topic as well.

Be sure to remember the difference between fact and opinion when you’re writing these essays. If you still don’t understand it, ensure to approach some reputed cheap coursework writing company for clarification.

The Issues Related to Summer 2018 to Cover in Your Topics

  1. Border Control
  2. Immigration Laws
  3. Gun Control and Regulations
  4. Politicians and the NRA
  5. Donald Trump and His Record as a President
  6. Gender Equality, Feminism, And Further Progress
  7. Abortion
  8. Planned Parenthood Funding
  9. Environmental Progress
  10. Paris Agreement for Climate Change
  11. Reformation of the United Nations
  12. The Progress of Sustainable Development Goals
  13. Private Sector Engagement
  14. Economic Concerns, Such as the Budget Deficit
  15. The U.S. and North Korea
  16. Worsening Race Relations
  17. Unemployment Rate in the U.S.
  18. New Health Care Concerns
  19. Police Violence and Misconduct
  20. National Security Concerns

Keep in mind that this list only includes events up to this point. Lots more issues are going to happen over the rest of the summer, so be sure to watch the news. Writing about current issues and events can be a great idea! It’s always good to be aware of current issues. Plus, you will likely prefer these topics over historical content.

Some teachers do have guidelines about certain topics, so be sure to follow those. If you’re unsure about a topic, ask your teacher. They might be able to give you helpful resources to get you on the right track!

If you think that you need extra help with your paper, check with your university to see if there is a writing center available. This resource will connect you with English majors at your school to help you revise your paper. You can also ask them questions about English-related topics.

Another resource is thesis paper writing service websites or cheap dissertation writing companies. These websites will pair you with a professional writer. The writer will create a paper for you, which you can use as a reference for your own paper. This might be helpful when it comes to the paper’s structure or organization. To find one, search for cheap essays online.

If you’re writing a paper for school, look for a topic that is relevant to you or your audience. This will make your assignment more enjoyable to write and to read. Plus, this will help you be more aware of the world around you and form opinions about it.

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