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Research Paper TopicsWhen a student is assigned an academic assignment, he or she has to complete certain requirements and follow strict rules. The way those demands are accomplished directly affect the final grade. One of the keys to a successful accomplishment of any essay is the properly chosen topic. Nobody would like to read a boring topic or a paper, which covers problems that are already well known to everyone.

Accordingly, students ought to do their best and choose something meaningful and interesting. Every topic is supposed to be:

  • Currently relevant;
  • Catchy;
  • Problem-solving;
  • Innovative;
  • Original;
  • Informative.

These are a few essential qualities. Consider your own tastes and at the same time, pay attention to your audience. Think what would be interesting and important to your readers. Many students cannot cope with this task and prefer to buy research paper assistance. Notwithstanding, we are sure that you can easily handle this requirement on your own.

You should choose out of the most popular spheres of human activity. Thus, you will attract more potential readers. These are:

    • Education.
    • Medical service.
    • Politics.
    • Business.
    • Sociology.
    • Psychology.
    • Sports, etc.

Consider all possible options and opt for the most suitable variant. Under the condition, you cannot choose an appropriate topic we have several lists of possible ideas.

High School Research Paper Topics

Here are some good ideas for students that attend high schools:

  1. Should some sponsors support high school athletes with free equipment?
  2. Aren’t exams too stressful for teenagers?
  3. What are the common problems of students during their studying?
  4. Technological progress: friend or enemy of students?
  5. School uniform: advantages and disadvantages.
  6. Violence at school: measures to prevent it.
  7. Should teachers be more involved in the learning process or give more freedom to students?
  8. Food at school: Is it safe and proper?
  9. The issue of different background and how it affects children.
  10. Computerization: main advantages for schoolers.

College Research Paper Topics

There are also interesting ideas for college students. Please, consider the following variants:

  1. A gap year: What to do during the break?
  2. Is a gap year really helpful for students?
  3. Studying abroad: Pros and cons.
  4. Racism on the campus: reasons and ways to prevent it.
  5. The issue of poor time management.
  6. Social media: Addiction or a way to put off some stress?
  7. The problem of writing comprehension.
  8. How to improve reading and writing skills to complete tasks faster?
  9. Work for students during a learning year: Is it reasonable?
  10. Should athletes receive grants when they seriously fall behind the program?

Argumentative Research Paper Topics

An argumentative paper requires a strong argument to highlight an acute issue. Select a solid topic on various themes to craft an essential piece:

  1. Does a perfect punishment for immorality exist?
  2. Should the humankind decline death penalty or implement it throughout the planet?
  3. The moral aspect of abortion: Should doctors do it when there is another option?
  4. Should religion exist separately from schools and colleges?
  5. Isn’t education overly commercial?
  6. How do politicians obtain popularity and power?
  7. Should teenagers be more active in the political life of their country?
  8. Which political mainstream is better?
  9. How to receive a good job offer if you lack experience?
  10. Buddhism as a perfect religion: Is it really so?

Persuasive Research Paper Topics

A persuasive paper demands from a researcher convincing facts. It’s needed to argue an important question and convince the readers that your viewpoint is correct. Here are some nice topics to cover:

  1. Social media creates isolation for users.
  2. Work in a team is more beneficial than individual efforts.
  3. Dress code in the workplace: People should dress as they wish.
  4. The world is safer without a nuclear weapon.
  5. Parents should devote more time to their children to avoid problems with the law.
  6. Recreational use of marijuana should be forbidden forever.
  7. Medical testing on animals must be banned.
  8. Sometimes physical punishment cannot be avoided.
  9. People should consume meat to avoid lots of potential health problems.
  10. Sexual education in schools should be more effective.

Psychology Research Paper Topics

Psychology is a very important sphere. Not all reactions of the human brain are known. This science explains a lot and helps to overcome stressful situations and treat properly people with mental deviations. Here are a few meaningful concepts:

  1. The usefulness of music therapy for the fetus.
  2. Effective therapies to overcome mental weakness before hunger.
  3. The phenomenon of memory: Why do some people memorize multiple things for good?
  4. Mental adverse reactions in women after abortion.
  5. Is depression dependent on gender and age?
  6. How to treat people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in society?
  7. The ethics of psychiatrist: When it should be allowed to discover potentially dangerous plans of patients?
  8. Methods to overcome phobias: Is any really helpful?
  9. How does social anxiety disorder influence the common routine?
  10. Reasons for unexpected aggressiveness and how to overcome this dangerous behavior?

Sports Research Paper Topics

If you are fond of sports, the next list will be helpful for you. Please, make allowances for the following variants:

  1. What sport should be undertaken to maintain a healthy way of life?
  2. Effective and safe measures to keep fit.
  3. Soccer vs. American football: Which one is better?
  4. Isn’t ice-hockey too cruel?
  5. The phenomenon of baseball: Why is it so popular in the U.S.A.?
  6. Why are the Olympic Games so popular over centuries?
  7. Summer vs. Winter Olympic Games: Which are more popular and why?
  8. What kinds of sports should be excluded from the program of the Olympic Games and why?
  9. How does team sport affect social interaction?
  10. How hard is it to be a leader in your team?

Take all these lists into your consideration and create similar ones or use ours. Buy essay cheap online to use it as a pattern for your own piece. Look for other topics, as well as other spheres that are important and popular today. In such way, you will sufficiently increase the number of possible variations for your research paper topics.

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