How to Write an Evaluation Essay

An evaluation essay is a type of an essay that is very similar to argumentative one. In this case, you also have to express an opinion regarding a particular case. However, when you are working on an advanced evaluation essay, there is no need to roam piles of information in order to find a suitable position or to justify your point of view. An evaluation essay sample is an expression of personal thoughts that are based on the analysis that derives from personal experience.

So, where exactly one can see the evaluation essay? – You see it quite often when you read movie or book reviews, some restaurant grading reports or during the discussion of some famous person’s speech. The possibility to add personal approach to the evaluation essay makes it possible to utilize almost any genre style that can make the work look serious, funny, satiric, etc. That is why, in most cases, writing of an evaluation essay usually brings a lot of pleasure and fun as you simply describe what you saw and state why you liked it or not.

It might seem that evaluation article is an easy task to accomplish, but this is only a theory. Demands for evaluation thesis are surely stricter than those on the website. It’s no wonder that so many students tend to use cheap assignment writing for help. There are some simple steps which every student can perform in order to obtain a well-written evaluation paper art.


Setting the Criteria for Evaluation Writing

In order to transform simple writing into evaluation writing, you need to change the paradigm of your thoughts. You need to add some criteria according to which you will issue your verdict as of an expert so that not to spoil the product of writing. This objective will be necessary for you to start writing. All the parameters are selected according to the following parameters:

  • Universal applicability means that all the objects which are related to the evaluation topic are connected and represent the same group. For example, when we are talking about a movie, we might evaluate the visual effects, the actors’ play, soundtrack, the plot or, in video games, we might evaluate the graphics, gameplay, system optimization, etc.
  • Functionally template shows how important are the criteria for the usability of people. For a car, the important categories are the petrol spent on the road and the sensitivity of a driving wheel.
  • Qualitative and quantitative parameters are helpful when the evaluation requires some sort of final statistics to be done as if to summarize overall opinion regarding the object of evaluation.

When you are set up with the ideas and parameters for evaluation, you can’t even imagine how smoother the writing will go and that you will possess a prepared list of parameters that can be integrated into the text of yours.

Starting Your Critical Essay

The philosophy of measurement – that what makes evaluation essay so appealing for writing. You develop an idea, prepare the arguments in favor of the object and present an independent evaluation topic like a real master of critique. As a professional evaluator, you need to grant honest and fair statements that should be helpful for other readers. The beginning of the work upon the evaluation essay should start with the following points:

  • Selection of the topic is the first thing with which every essay writing begins. Regardless of the selected topic, mind that there will be a necessity of personal judgments, so consider the topic that could be analyzed without any issues. The most important thing is that the topic for this type of essay should be appealing to you writer’s ‘Myself’ while working on something you’ve got no clue about is a real waste of time.
  • After you have figured out the topic for writing, proceed to the next step of preparing the general statement. In case of an evaluative statement, you need to prepare the major goals and reasons for the selection of the topic – you need to develop the psychology of writing. You need to supply the evaluative criteria with valuable examples which will reveal the general importance of the parameter. Finally, in the statement, you need to state clearly the attributes which make the object you are describing so valuable.
  • The third point is that judgment should be based on the criteria that you’ve prepared beforehand. That is why it is strongly advisable to prepare several options for evaluation so that you could pick the one with more serious arguments like camera quality in iPhone or taste of an apple. The chance to choose will definitely make your life easier.
  • In order to set your opinion, you need to prepare some strong evidence and material that will serve as a support for your position. The evaluation is written by yourself, and it is up to you what points to select and how they will influence the opinion of other people who will read your evaluation. You should always use a reliable source of information which will prove the correctness of your thoughts.

The Outlining of the Essay

The outlining of the essay is an excellent preparation work before the start of the text writing. You need to set the order of ideas that should be reflected in the essay. Mind that you create a future structure of the essay of yours, and that would be an incredible fundament for the actual writing of the text.

The best option of an outline is the one that is used for a descriptive essay. These two types of essay writing have a lot in common when it comes to the use of descriptions and analysis of some sort of parameters. Each criterion that was selected for writing is supposed to be a new paragraph of the body and it must reveal the peculiarities of the criteria and how the object of evaluation corresponds the general demands.

Other parts of an essay go as usual, though the conclusion should be based upon summarizing of all the criteria that were described in the text and an average parameter that is calculated from them.

The Writing of the Introduction

The development of the introduction includes the presentation of the evaluative object together with all the details in order to make the reason for the topic selection clear. You can state the significance of the object for the society and how it influenced you personally. The introduction is basically a turning point of the whole essay. If you do not manage to catch the attention of the readers with a proper information, there is a chance that public might lose interest in your work.

Add the list of criteria for evaluation and describe why they were selected by you and what makes them so special if compared to other parameters.

The Body Writing

Consider the body a reason-based structure. Basically, you need to select the vital points of evaluation and write them according to the following scheme:

  • Give a brief presentation of the selected parameter.
  • Analyze the positive feature of the evaluated object in terms of the parameter.
  • Compare it with other representatives of the class so that they could have a developed opinion about all the objects with similar qualities.
  • State the verdict regarding this parameter.

Such sequence of actions is applicable to all the parameters that will be in your arsenal, but do not make it separate blocks of sentences in the advertisement that are screamed out, unite them with transitions of some kind.

The Final of the Essay

The conclusion is the last step that you need to accomplish before editing the essay. You have all the information written, and now, you need to sum up everything that was told and create a bond between the introduced argument and the goals that were set in the introduction. State your position clearly and try to impress the readers with your knowledge of the case.

Effective Evaluative Writing Tips

When you know how to write an evaluative essay, you might also like to read some additional means of improving the writing which can be used while you are crafting your paper.

  • Select only the most vital parameters for writing matrix. An adequate number of criteria makes it easier to apprehend the text. Do not overuse them as it can transform the essay into some sort of a manual list.
  • Use precise evaluation. Check if all the points that were stated in the intro find their reflection in the text and that you didn’t miss any of the aspects which can influence the opinion of the readers.
  • Never compel the reader to believe in your opinion. Befriend with the reader through the text, avoid prejudice in your writing and try to make the readers simply agree with you on their own accord.

Evaluative writing is a great fund, and, at the same time, it is a great responsibility that lies on the shoulders of the writer. It is important to see through the text and be capable to notice all the elements which represent the object for the public. The writer is the person that crafts the public opinion through the prism of self-program and who is able to make them change their hearts. You need to understand this and while you will write your evaluation essay, try to reveal all the aspects of the text, drive interest to your opinion, and make readers develop their personal ones.

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