How to Write a Good Descriptive Essay of High-Quality

When you are taking an English class, one common essay that you will come across is the descriptive essay. We know that writing about anything can be difficult, and many students usually panic when they are told to write this kind of essay and feel as though their teacher is punishing them. But after reading this article, you will see that writing a descriptive essay is nothing to panic about, and you can cope with it without using any cheap assignment writing assistance . We will help you take the anxiety away by discussing the necessary steps needed to write a good descriptive essay of high quality.

How to Write a Descriptive Essay

What is a Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is basically an essay that asks you to describe something, such as a place, person, picture, object, experience or situation. Descriptive essays are a good way to sharpen your writing and creative skills, and this is probably why your professor has told you to write one. For your essay to be of high quality, you need to be able to paint a vivid picture of the thing you are describing in the reader’s mind.

Below, we will talk about how to write descriptive essays on three things: a place, person, and picture.

How to Write a Descriptive Essay About a Place

A descriptive essay about a place is not just about describing the scenery but taking the reader through every detail of the place, including the surroundings. You should paint a vivid enough picture for the person to feel as though they have actually experienced the place for themselves. That is why it is a good idea to write about a place that you have actually visited.


When describing the place, make sure your introduction starts with a hook that will make the reader want to keep on reading. You will, then, briefly mention things about the place in order to give the reader an overview of it, such as the name, location and other interesting things that will get the reader excited to know more about the place. After that, you will then conclude the introduction by stating why the place is of significance to you.


This is where you will get into the details of the place, from the sights, sounds, smells, taste, and feelings (such as the texture of the sand or freshness of the breeze from the water). In this section, you must describe these things with vivid detail, making the reader feel as if they are actually there themselves. For example, when talking about a particular beach, include details about the sand, the sound of the waves, the feel of the water and any trees and nearby islands that you could see. You can even describe other people at the beach if they make the essay more interesting to read.

You should also use this paragraph to establish a connection between you and the place. Tell the reader why it is so important to you. If it is a beach, you can talk about how you love relaxing on the beach and swimming because it offers the perfect getaway, allowing you to de-stress. Talk about the feelings the place evokes in you in great detail to make the notion of its significance sink into the mind of the reader.


This part of the essay, like any other essay, is where you rephrase the thesis statement and make one final attempt to explain to the reader why the place is important (do not explain anything other than what is already included in the main points). Make use of descriptive language to appeal to the reader’s emotions to make them feel about the place the same way you do.

How to Write a Descriptive Essay About a Person

When asked to write a descriptive essay about a person, you need to write about someone that you admire and the one who inspires you. So before you start writing about the person, do some research and gather all the necessary information about them; you can gather their creative works or simply observe them.


In the introductory paragraph, you will give your readers an overview and some background information on the person you are describing. Your thesis statement will be about how much the person is important to you. This is also where you tell your readers what makes the person great and unique.


The body is where you get the reader to visualize the person being described by painting a glowing picture with your words. Not only that, you should also talk about how the person has impacted your life in a positive way. That way, the reader will know that the person is really important to you.

You will also most likely write three paragraphs on the person in the body section. Use the first paragraph to describe his or her physical details, the second paragraph should be used to describe where the person lives and their surroundings, and the third paragraph should be used to describe the person’s personality while making it clear to the reader how this makes the person important to you.


In this part, you conclude the essay by making sure the reader has really understood why you felt the need to write an essay about the person. As usual, you will restate your thesis statement (do not just copy and paste the one in the introduction) and summarize the main points made throughout the entire paper.

How to Write a Descriptive Essay About a Picture

Have you ever tried to describe a picture? Then you know that this is not an easy task. Describing a picture requires the use of colorful language that sparks the reader’s imagination. So you really need to think long and hard about the words you will use to describe the picture in question.


When describing a picture, you will start by introducing and giving the reader some background information. As usual, the first sentence or two should be punchy enough to hook the reader. In the thesis statement, you will tell the reader why you have picked this particular picture to describe and what conclusion you wish the reader to make based on your description of it.


Do not just talk about the visual aspect of the picture when you get to the body section. If it is a photo, talk about the smells, sounds, and tastes as well, making the reader feel as if they have stepped into the photo and experiencing it in real life with you. Show the reader with your words what the environment was like. If the picture is a painting, focus more on its contextual details, such as its time period, how the artist captured that time period, what life was like then, and so on.

Most importantly, do not forget to tell the reader how the picture made you feel. You need to establish a connection between yourself and the picture. That way, the reader will know why you have chosen that particular picture for your descriptive essay.


The conclusion will be no different from the other essays. Just restate your thesis and summarize the key points. That should be enough to make the essay great in the reader’s eyes.
As you can see, writing a descriptive essay should not be cause for panic. Just stay calm and follow the advice given above. But we know that sometimes you might be too overwhelmed to sit down and write the essay yourself. If you are in this scenario, you can solicit the help of an affordable custom writing service and buy essays online cheap, whether you are looking for a custom descriptive essay, custom dissertation or custom research paper, you can get one professionally-written when you use these services.

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