How to Write a College Application Essay

As a student, you might have the experience in writing some of the most popular types of essays that should be written at school. These are classical academic writing formats which are testing a wide range of skills of young scientists. You need to possess some analytical skills while analyzing the material as well as research skills when looking through various information sources to acquire the most suitable options for good personal introduction.

Here comes the moment when you need to forget everything that was written before as you’re going to work on an essay type that is totally different from the classic assignments. We are talking about one of personal introduction essay types – a college application essay. This type of writing might be the hardest thing to accomplish as well as the one that causes the largest portion of worries with students. No wonder that so many undergrads choose to use cheap essay service options to get the job done. As it often happens, the results of college admission depend on this kind of writing, and if you write it in a fine manner, that will be the beginning of your art college student career.


Achieving Perfection

A perfectly written college essay should become the reflection of your desires to enter the university. Each word in the text should be capable to describe your character, your personality, and individual skills. Remember that people you address to are the representatives of the admission committee, have never seen you before and don’t know who you are and what you did before sending them this application form. It’s up to you how they will accept you as a potential student of the educational establishment, and what information you should share with them.

Now, take a deep breath and relax for a moment. The creation of a college application essay is not the problem as it can seem from the very beginning. Close your eyes and imagine that you are that abstract person that will read the text of yours:

  • Why are you so special or talented for the university or college?
  • Are there any skills and capabilities which are valued by the establishment to which the application was sent?
  • Can you mention some significant events or achievements that were done by you and that can make you look different from the other similar students?
  • Do you have any reward from the fields of science to which you are sending the application?
  • What is your personal grad that you can contribute to the development of the educational establishment?
  • Finally, what made you select this peculiar college – was it someone’s recommendation, heritage tradition or simply a goal to enter it?

Such personal questions usually grant the answers to the most important questions that arise during the reading of the application – if the person is worthy of the college. Undoubtedly, there are many other questions which can interest the person that will be reading the introductory essay of yours and you should be able to predict all the potential questions and prepare the answers to them.

Highlight Yourself in a Positive Light

Nobody doubts that you will write about yourself in the brightest possible colors. You will surely describe all the achievements and how suitable you are for the college you are sending the application to. However, most of the students forget about the prompts that are issued before writing the assignment.

You need to be very careful while preparing for writing as it will greatly reduce the difficulty of the text writing. The correspondence to the prompt is the first thing that should be taken into consideration before, during, and after the writing process. Follow the next steps while working with the prompt:

  • Reread the assignment several times so that you could be sure of 100% understanding of the task to fulfill.
  • Before you start planning, make sure that you know what has been asked and what you need to write about.
  • After you apprehend the requirements, you need to set the priorities of writing. Check if you need to support some opinion, describe some aspects or defend some situations.
  • If some of the questions that were set in the prompt do not correspond to your plans, think about the means of adaptability of them to your personal case.
  • Do not use the information of other people instead of your own as all the data that you can find is not your personal one. Your personality, not some fictional one, is the thing that interests the admissions committee.

Synthesizing the Ideas

In order to answer the essay questions, you are supposed to come up with some fascinating ideas. It would be hard to believe, but coming up with some bright idea is more problematic than the actual writing of the text. The brainstorming is the most effective mean of developing the most suitable ideas.

  • Apply self-cognition. The knowledge of yourself is the most effective weapon when writing the application text. The statement of your personal strong sides is an attractive tactic. You need to set the significant traits of yours that make you different from all other potential applicants.
  • List down all the ideas. There is no ultimate writing technique. However, you need to add all the ideas regarding your person so that you didn’t miss any vital information that might do you a favor.
  • Select the most important points. The narrowing of the information can be quite helpful as it can assist you in the selection of the most significant points of the character.
  • Use the storytelling method. Always consider some heart-touching stories that took place in your life and that made you send the application to the college or that shifted your personality to a great extent.

The Outlining of the Text

The work on any project starts with a blueprint; for an essay that is an outline. The planning and structuring of the brainstormed ideas is the thing that will shape your text. Fortunately, the basic rules of quality writing are applicable even for application essay:

  • Write the goals that you want to achieve in short sentences.
  • The introductory paragraph should contain the basic information about yourself.
  • The body is a brief description of your achievements that is supported by facts from your life and study progress.
  • The conclusion is an explanation of your goals and the reason why the admission committee should consider the acceptance of your persona to the college.
  • Use active voice only as it is a personal essay where you state your own position.

After you manage to establish the structure of the text, get ready to write about each point that is depicted in the outline. Fortunately, that will be very easy, especially with all the prepared material for writing.

Actual Writing

The writing according to a plan is quite easy. The structure of the essay text corresponds a standard narrative essay that consists of three basic parts: beginning, middle, and the end. You are supposed to grant a detailed description of your persona within a given range of symbols. Try to approximately split the text into pieces of the required symbol count.

The introduction and conclusion should be approximately equal, while the largest portion of writing should be dedicated to the body of the paper. Stick to such logic, and the text will look amazing in both structure and style.


When the work is ready, you need to check it before handing in. Mind the structure and the correspondence to format requirements as they will make the first impression of your work. The next step that should be undertaken is checking the grammar and lexical mistakes and their timely correction.

With all the steps performed you can be sure that you have a quality application essay that is supposed to win the admission to the college of your dream.

Several Bes to Remember

In order to finalize everything that has been said about application essay writing, there are some characteristic features or “bes” that you need to consider while working on the text. They are the following ones.

  • Be sincere. Being frank while writing is very useful as it means that you trust the officers and understand that your fate is in their hands.
  • Be reserved. There are no limits to the given number of words, only a minimum of 250. However, it doesn’t mean that you should write over 1000 words. Catch with the help of quality, not quantity.
  • Be unique. It is totally useless to copy from any source, although the possibilities for doing so are totally endless. Trying to be someone else is a waste of your time.
  • Be careful. While writing, try to make your work look neat and clean. If some corrections are required, try to perform them in the most unnoticeable manner.
  • Be modest. You know that you are a great student, but there is no need to brag about it in the essay. Use examples for describing your achievement.

We hope that this guide will benefit you greatly. Just stay calm during writing and believe in what you are creating. As long as you do this your work has got all the chances to be accepted by the selection committee, and the next study year, you will be a student of the selected college and become a perfect MFA.

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