How to Start a Narrative Essay

The narrative methods of writing grant an excellent opportunity to look through personal experience and some information about oneself. Each college student can boast of some memorable events or some vital life-taught lessons which can be told to the people you know. Very often, we can face the situation when the event that is required for usage is bound to our memories so much that we can hardly disconnect it from all other memories and emotions.

While working on a narrative essay, you should understand that you are doing a storytelling. This aspect makes narrative nonfiction so much appealing as there are a personal involvement and a point of view regarding the situation that took place. You will be surprised to hear, but the idea of the whole narrative essay can be demonstrated at the very start of the text. Starting with an opening sentence, you will make your dialogue with a reader – some sort of a personal confession.

A good introduction is the element of the narrative article that often decides everything. The beginning can hook the reader and make him/her continue reading. So, if you are planning to write a good start of a narrative essay, consider reading the following structural example. If at any point, you get stuck, ensure to order cheap essay online to see how a professionally written narrative essay should be started.


Create the Outline of the Work

Every type of a writing assignment requires a decent introduction with a well-prepared outline. If the story has a well beginning, middle, and the end even on a plan, then, there won’t be any problems with the actual writing of the text.

  • The preparation of the outline helps to limit the durability of the event of narration in time and concentrate exclusively on the central event. People would surely like to listen to your story, but it wouldn’t be wise to organize it with a whole pile of details that are totally unnecessary.
  • Consider the vital aspects of the events that took place and list them in the outline. The core body of the text should not take a lot of time, but the events should be bright and appealing.
  • Do not waste time on the details without which the text can perfectly exist.
  • Mind that outline paragraph in a narrative descriptive essay is not compulsory, but it can make your life easier at the start of the work as you will place all the ideas on the paper and after that, you will be able to easily continue writing the narration.

The preparatory works are the most time-taking ones, but the results of writing with a beforehand plan make the work more productive and easier. Gather some motivation and move to the next step.

Introduce the Major Characters

What is the most important element when writing a story? – That’s right, the characters! If you write about yourself, only then, there won’t be any problems at all. But imagine that you are writing about numerous characters. This is rather a hard task to fulfill. You should be able to bring real people’s characters onto paper, and it would be important to consider the following entry points:

  • Avoid using the standard clichés while writing. Each person is unique and there are some features which are natural for the person. This might be a journal interview sample which can introduce the person in the best way.
  • Before actual writing, think about the writing of the major points of the people’s characters. Consider these biographical cards with basic data on people which answer the questions: Who? What? How?
  • With the list of characters, it would be very easy to organize the dialogues between the characters and introduce the scenery of the described situation. You know beforehand who is the person and can organize the whole canvas of the text.

When the figures on your checkboard are ready, you can proceed to crafting the decoration, and this is the point where some literacy skills are necessary.

Create the Decorations

Planning or pre-writing of schemes is an excellent possibility of preparing for the writing. This is definitely not a waste of time, but a serious work as the organization of the working process at the start grants the results in the end. The decorations of the narrative essay are important elements for the text as not only the characters of the essay hold a dialogue with the readers but also the world that surrounds them.

  • Get the list of places where the events will take place and prepare them in chronological order. That would make the organization of the chronological order easier in future.
  • Add some details which characterize the place in the best possible manner.
  • If you want to convince the person of the trustworthiness of the place, make them feel the atmosphere that surrounds them. Smells, colors, and even the movement of the air along the skin – the readers should be able to experience all of this.

Consider Some Vital Events in Your Life

A narrative should be focused on a vital event that is meaningful for the writer. This event can be an imagined one, but the lesson that it provides is the crucial element. The aim of the narrative essay is to teach, motivate, and drive the readers’ interest.

  • You can pick the event that changed your life. The life-changing cases are the most appealing ones for the public.
  • The narration is concentrated not on the facts as in an expository essay, but on the process of happening.
  • The core idea of writing should be stated in the very first sentences of the introduction as it will guide the reader through the flow of your ideas.
  • Think about some moral lessons as they also have a positive impact on the overall essay and increase the value of the text. A good moral lesson demonstrates that the case that is narrated is an important one and is able to shatter the habitual ideas into pieces and come to an understanding of something greater and motivate other people to change.
  • Write about a heart-changing experience. A lot of popular movies, especially the award-winning ones, are based on some real-life situations which totally shifted the heart of the heroes and even the world around them.

Develop an Idea in the Theme

The idea of a close-to-life writing is an appealing one as it attracts the inner world of each reader to the text causing various emotions. The ability of the author to transfer the experience and make people feel themselves walking in your shoes leads to empathy and if you manage to touch people’s hearts, then you succeeded in writing.

Write on the topics which will surely win people’s attention. In this aspect, a personal event is the best tool for use.

Ideas on Hooking the Reader

The conclusion step before the beginning of writing is the preparation of the hook for the readers. A good hook is like a good lure for a fish – it catches and won’t let go under any circumstances. The basic features of a good hook are the abilities to attract the attention, cause the emotions, and desire to reply to the message that was sent through the text. Here are some of the most popular hooking methods that can be selected for the start of your essay.

  • Literature or celebrity quotation. The beginning of some meaningful phrase always has a positive effect on the readers. Mind that the phrase should be appropriate to the core idea of the text or else it can lead to perplexing situation.
  • Appealing joke. Causing a smile is a sure means of winning the sympathy of the reader so adding one will definitely give you some points at the start. The joke can refer to some funny situation that is connected to the topic of writing or some similar situation.
  • Question to the reader. A dialogue is always an effective mean of attracting the attention. Starting an essay with a question will not only drive the attention but also make the reader read about the posed question.
  • Interesting fact. The curiosity and amazement are excellent methods of stimulating the interest toward the text. Starting with some information from media sources will surely do a lot of good for a general look of an essay.

Prewriting for the Narrative Essay

With all the materials at hand, you can finally start the actual writing. The data that you have prepared will serve as an excellent assistant in making the creation of the text. The most important thing regarding the material is that you stimulated your memories and enhanced your emotions regarding the particular topic of writing. With a decent level of self-involvement, you will manage to write a good essay that will attract people’s attention even if it is some minor event.

Remember that there are no small details when writing, and missing one can spoil the text. Live the events of the text and let the readers acquire a lot of pleasure while reading your narrative essay that will not disappear for a long time. We strongly hope that these starting steps will benefit your writing process a lot and wish you good luck with your scholarship.

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