30 Topics for Personal Essay: Make Your Experience Interest the Audience

When you’re writing an essay, you might not have a lot of freedom. Often, teachers will set guidelines for students to follow and might even select topics for you. This makes students’ essays not interesting.

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One way to combat this issue is by using personal essay topics. In order to do this, think about some of the different experiences you have had in your life. We have all gone through countless different events and situations which can be interesting to other readers.

The goal of including your personal experiences is to keep your audience engaged. You want to make them feel as if they were there or as if they can relate. Plus, nobody knows this story better than you do!

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Some Ideas to Dedicate Personal Essay Topics To

  1. The time when you had to be the bravest
  2. A defining moment in your life
  3. A time when you overcame a fear
  4. An important place that you want to go back to
  5. An important time that you want to go back to
  6. One of your biggest disappointments
  7. One of your greatest joys
  8. The biggest loss that you have experienced
  9. One of the most humbling experiences
  10. A time when you grew significantly
  11. A time when you wish you could start over
  12. An important lesson that you learned when you were young
  13. A romantic encounter
  14. An unexplained event
  15. The hardest news you’ve had to share
  16. The hardest news that has been shared with you
  17. One of the biggest lies you have told
  18. One of the most life-changing accidents
  19. One of your most awkward moments
  20. One of your favorite quotations and when you learned about it
  21. Life lessons you have learned
  22. One of your greatest motivators
  23. One of your most prominent weaknesses
  24. A moment when you felt fully at peace
  25. One of the times that you felt most confident in yourself
  26. One of your scariest experiences
  27. When you first discovered your role model
  28. How you discovered your most important hobbies
  29. A defining moment in your relationship with your parents
  30. A defining moment in your religious journey

The beauty in creating a personal essay is that you can write about whatever is important to you or interests you. This means that you can be the expert in the topic and link it back to your own experience.

Even if you have not experienced the situations listed above, you can likely use these ideas to come up with a new issue. These types of essays are usually more interesting for you to write and more enjoyable for teachers to grade. There is less of a focus on right and wrong; yet, there is a lot of focus on the writing process.

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