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Main Parts of a Written Report

There are no exact rules for writing a report, but you have to determine what kind of report you are writing. In addition, there are certain parts that each report should include:

  • Title section. If the report is long, you can include within the title section a table of contents and definitions. However, this section is not absolutely necessary for all reports, such as writing a fiction book report, for example.
  • Summary. This includes a brief description of major parts, conclusions, and recommendations. The summary is an overview of the report, prepared for the general audience. That means the language in this part should be simple. It should be short and include only relevant information to let the readers know what this report is about. We suggest you leave this section for the last so that you have all the information ready for the summary.
  • Introduction. This section should explain the purpose of the report. If you didn't use the title section for definitions used in the report, you can add them here.
  • Body. This is the main section of the report. It will be read by your colleges, so it is appropriate to use industry specific jargon. Provide the information you give in the body section in the order of importance.
  • Conclusion. This is another section usually read by the general audience, so it is better to stay away from jargon. Here, you summarize up all important information previously provided.
  • Recommendations. Propose a course of actions to solve the problem you stated at the beginning of your report.
  • Appendices. This is a section for experts that provides technical details to support your conclusions.

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