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How to Choose the Best Free Plagiarism Checker You Can Rely On

Plagiarism is one of the most serious academic crimes a student, whether they are in a high school or college, can commit. Plagiarizing another’s work is often considered a type of cheating and can be the grounds for an automatic failure on an assignment, and, in some cases, in the entire class.

What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism comes in many forms. It can be done on purpose or on accident. There are several ways in which one can plagiarize. You can quote a person or a passage without giving credit, you can summarize someone else’s work without giving credit, you can have help from someone and not share the credit, you can simply copy and paste, and you can reuse your old work without acknowledging that you did so. These are just some of the most popular methods of plagiarism.

It’s not just text that can be plagiarized either. Videos, pictures, research data, interviews, and other creative work can also be plagiarized if they are not even their due credit.

Even though it is easier to plagiarize when you are using sources. After all, you need to use sources to back up your arguments when you are writing a paper. The key to using sources is to make sure that you cite them properly. However, this can be difficult for many reasons, which is why using a plagiarism checker can be of benefit, especially when you are worried that you may have accidentally plagiarized.

What Do a Free Plagiarism Checker for Students Do?

While plagiarism checkers have their own software and unique algorithms, most of them work in the same basic way. To put it briefly, plagiarism checkers compare the work put into them with existing pieces of work which they either have in a stored database or by simply searching from similarities of works on the Internet.

Sometimes, plagiarism checkers look for exact word matches, while other times, they will look for similar works that may have been paraphrased or slightly altered. How many works the checker looks through and whether they look for exact matches or not will depend on which checker you decide to use.

Once the website is done looking through your paper, it will likely give you a report. Sometimes, these reports will give you a percentage of how original your work is, highly parts of your paper that may have been plagiarized, or give you the sources that you have plagiarized from. The best plagiarism checkers will do all three! You can then use these reports to fix your paper so that it no longer contains instances of plagiarism. This will help save your paper and your grade.

Why Use a Plagiarism Checker?

Using a plagiarism checker is not for people who are trying to cheat the system and get away with cheating. Instead, it is for people who may have accidentally plagiarized (in any form) and wish to fix their mistake before turning in their project. Teachers and professors often use plagiarism checkers to make sure their students are not cheating. By using a checker for yourself, you can be one step ahead of the game. Make sure you catch your mistakes before your professors do!

5 Key Features a Free Plagiarism Checker for Teachers Should Offer

Before you use any plagiarism checker, it is important to carefully research it. Not all plagiarism checkers on the Internet are trustworthy, reliable, or have large enough databased to be worth your time. Some of the best features to look for are listed below.

  1. Value Privacy

    A safe plagiarism checker for essays, or any other type of writing, will always value their customers’ privacy. While no one likes to read the fine print, it’s always safest to when you are working with plagiarism checkers, especially if you are unfamiliar with them. Some checkers steal essays after it is submitted for a check. This may not happen for months afterward, but it is still best to avoid plagiarism checkers that do this at all.

  2. Large Database

    When it comes to plagiarism checkers, the larger their database is, the better. This means that they will be able to compare your work to more sources. These are the kinds of plagiarism checkers teachers often use, so it is best that their students take advantage of these checkers as well.

    You will want to look for a checker that can not only compare your work to articles and other pieces online but also works that are in journals, magazines, books, and other global print sources. These kinds of checkers will be able to detect plagiarism in more places than other plagiarism checkers.

  3. Reference Check

    While this is not a necessary component for a plagiarism checker to have, it can be helpful. When a plagiarism checker can check to see whether or not you have cited quotes or other material, it can save both students and teachers loads of time when it comes to searching for plagiarism.

    While other types of plagiarism checkers may not notice your citations and think you have plagiarized when you have not, plagiarism checker that can check for the sources you have used and will not make this mistake. This advanced type of plagiarism checker is sure to save you time when it comes to checking and correcting your essay.

  4. Originality Reports

    Originality reports will be able to tell you the percentage of how unique your essay is. A free online plagiarism checker with a percentage is one of the best kinds to use. A plagiarism checker that also shows you where you used plagiarism can be helpful. Sometimes, when it shows you examples, it may simply be a possible use of plagiarism, rather than a certain instance of plagiarism.

    Another great feature to look for specifically in an originality report is a list of the sources you used in the paper. This way, if you did accidentally plagiarize, you can know where you got the sources from so you can properly cite them.

  5. Various Input Options

    Another good feature to look for is to make sure that you can input your essay into the website in multiple different formats. The best plagiarism checkers will allow you to submit your essay by copying and pasting your work into a text box or uploading documents (Word documents, PDFs, etc.). The more formats in which you can upload your essay, the more reliable the checker is likely to be.

Plagiarism Checkers Online

On the Web, you are to find a great variety of checkers - free of paid. For both students and teachers are often strapped for cash, and while you usually need to pay for the ultimate plagiarism checkers, there are some free ones that are great. Sometimes, you can also use free trials of plagiarism checkers before you buy them, or without buying them at all; companies often do this to encourage potential customers to purchase their products, but using a free trial does not mean you need to buy a subscription to the site. Below are some of the best online plagiarism checkers that most customers trust.

  1. Turnitin

    Turnitin is one of the best plagiarism checkers for students. The site claims to have the largest database for plagiarism checking, checking billions of websites and millions of print publications. The website provides users with an originality report that shows the users what percent of their essay is similar to other sites, and it gives links to which sites they are similar to. You can also upload your essays in a Word document, form Google Docs, or from Dropbox. This site provides free trials of their service before users need to sign up for a paid account.

  2. Grammarly

    Grammarly, which is best known for checking grammar and spelling mistakes, also checks for plagiarism, so it’s like a wonderful three-in-one! Grammarly has a smaller database than Turnitin, but it still checks billions of websites. You can either upload Word documents or copy and paste your text for editing. Like with Turnitin, you can use a free trial (of both the grammar & spelling and plagiarism), but to continue using the plagiarism checker, you will need to purchase a premium account.

  3. SafeAssign

    SafeAssign is owned by Blackboard, which is a company that many online colleges/classes use for submitting work or using as a homepage for classes. Because of this, students and teachers will simply have access to this or they will not. It is not a service that can be purchased. So, if any of your classes use Blackboard, you are likely to have access to SafeAssign for free. If you do, make sure to use it! Your teachers are going to use it, so make sure you do too!

    SafeAssign works by comparing your work to other academic papers and websites. The website will give you an originality report, which you can then download. It is not as useful as Turnitin or Grammarly, but you can use the whole site for free, rather than using only a free trial.

    Of course, the checkers you have seen are not free of charge, but now you know the features the best free online plagiarism checkers have to offer you.

We hope that this article can help you better understand what plagiarism is, how plagiarism checkers work, what to look for in a checker as well as knowing the features of some of the most popular plagiarism checkers. Good luck in all of your writings. If you use the tips and checkers in this article, then you are sure to avoid accidental plagiarism with ease!